How to Improve eCommerce Sales and Gain New Customers by Improving Service


As a store owner you continuously need to improve in order to grow. That is why we wrote a little bit about improving eCommerce and gaining new customers, hoping you will find it useful.

Improve customer service

Excellent service in an online world is becoming more and more important as a slightest difficulty can drive your customer away from your website and into someone else’s.

There are many eCommerce stores and probably many that are selling the same goods as you are.

Competing in price is plain crazy as Amazon is probably already selling what you’re selling and with margins that would kill your business in a short amount of time, so you can choose what other kind of value you can provide for the customer.

One of the aspects that many lack and is not hard to fight for is a great customer service.

In an online world, where customer can’t meet you in person, that there are a couple of factors you can implement that will help customers have great experience and come back to shop with you.

1. Improve Customer Support

While many offline businesses have accepted that response time should be short in order to keep customer satisfied, it looks like eCommerce standard has become respond “within 24 hours”.

Improving this and responding to a customer within a couple of minutes will surprise them and can greatly improve their first impression.

If their question is more complex, get back to them to let them know you are working on it.

Avoid sending automated response as it will make them feel they are buying from a large corporation and not a small business.

You should, of course, keep the same response time for all of the customers.

Not just a new one.

2. Using more “Thank you” and “please”

It does not hurt to be polite and sincere about this.

It does not matter what client has requested or if they bought anything.

They are giving you their time, and in return you should give them your time and gratitude.

So be polite even if they are not. If they are not, there must be a reason for that.

Try to find that out and it will help you grow your eCommerce business.

3. Delivery Should be Quick and Cheap (or free)

If you can afford it, shipping should be free.’s Online Shopper Intelligence Survey tells us that 93% of the people surveyed said that free shipping is the biggest source of encouragement to buy online.

Delivery should be quick, as chances are you don’t want to wait for long delivery for things you want to have either.

So see how you can improve this and you will have more customers buying from you rather than someone else.

4. Make Return Process Easy and Free

This will cost your business at some times.

Not only you did not sell item, but you had a cost of two deliveries.

However, having this kind of policy will enable your customers to feel more secure about buying your products.

If you can offer them free return and easy refund, that is all they need to know you are confident and that your product is so good (otherwise you would be bankrupt).

Final note: Whatever you implement, don’t set your customer for a nice surprise.

Let them know upfront. Set a nice banner and put it in the sidebar, or at header of your website.

Make sure they know before they decide to purchase and you will notice the improvement in sales.