How Community Can Keep You Out of Trouble and Safe: MageReport


Magento has plenty of great features and what is even greater, most of them are available to everyone, as majority comes out of the box. Magento is also free, which only adds up. But, we are positive you would agree that the most amazing thing about Magento is – community.

Nothing out of the ordinary, you might think.

All the time, people engage in small or big communities with small or big challenges and goals ahead of them.

It is, after all, the only thing natural, as shared values, concerns, and goals – unite people in search of safety.

In quest of answers as well.


That is why this is a story about community. A community that produces and shares amazing things.

Magento Patches

Like with any other robust and complicated system, Magento is bound to have security issues or bug discovered from time to time. That’s where community patches come into play.

Patches apply small, but crucial code changes to Magento, altering its behavior in order to hotfix one or more issues.

This is where Magento lends you a hand generously, making sure you are timely notified about patches that are ready to be installed.

All you need to do is subscribe to their emails or start paying more attention to your inbox once logged into your administrator panel, as this is where messages notifying you it is time for new patches will appear.

Messages in Magento’s Inbox will be all about new releases, updates and patches so make sure not to disregard them, as they are of huge importance for your online store, not only from safety point of view but when it comes to general issues as well.

In case you have seen the message and deleted notification, don’t sweat as you can find all your messages easily if you navigate to  System → Notifications.

Magneto Inbox


Now, this is where community kicks in!

Dutch company Hypernode developed MageReport and kindly shared it to the Magento world completely free of charge.

Everything is rather simple. From the user’s point of view at least.

You simply need to enter your online store’s URL, considering that your run online store powered by Magento of course, and you get an overview of potential risks, patches installed or patches you missed to install.


We mentioned earlier that security patches installed, are applying behavioral code changes.

Store owners, in most cases, are not aware if there are potential security vulnerabilities on their store.

MageReport recognizes them by conducting a quick outside scan by searching exactly for “behaviour-based identification patterns.”

Hyper’s help store owners check their store in a 100% secure way for all know security issues.

Helping raise awareness.

A nightmare made of a manual check for installed patches is now gone, as your scan is completed in couple seconds.


The community thought the same and rewarded Byte with Best Community Project for 2016. Well deserved!


To conclude…

Patches of green are everything when you are doing business online. Heck, even if you are not. Green is good, red is bad. That’s just the way it is.

In Magento, patches are critical if you wish to keep not only your store, but your products, and especially customers – safe. All those transactions, credit card data, shipping and billing addresses, can never go public.

On the other hand, the fact is that security breaches happen all the time and as a store owner/administrator, you simply have to be cautious.

Safety online is paramount for all parties involved, and it will continue being an issue in years ahead. That is why protecting your Magento store and using benefits of all security patches available out there is simply a must.

Community definitely did it’s very best, and guys from Byte are definitely embodying the word.

Cheers, and keep up the good work!