Here’s a Quick Way to Increase Conversion Rate Without Breaking a Sweat


Increasing conversion rates is something that you should always look closely when it comes to online business. The time is now to start (re)thinking your strategies and inspire visitors to take action! Read how in our latest blog post.

Increase conversion rate without breaking a sweat

Ignore tracking and working on increasing conversion rate and you’ll slowly go down the spiral of losing your customers over competition. There is always someone new no matter how big you are and you shouldn’t be waiting for them to “bite your leg”. The goal is to always stay ahead of the game.

Although the website needs constant attention and maintenance, and A/B testing is best way to determine what works best for the customer, there are proven techniques you can do and quickly increase your conversion rate.

Follow this checklist and see what you can do to improve your conversion rate.

Keep Your Titles Simple and Clear

Check your titles and see if you can make a conclusion what they offer. Is it clear what they are saying? Are they short? Fix this as soon as possible and people will be glad that they don’t need to search around to see what is that you’re really offering.

Check if Headline is Matching Your Advertisement

If not, it will be hard for people to find connection between those two and you’ll end up with high bounce rate. Nobody likes seeing one advertisement and being taken to page where they need to search for what was advertised. So, make sure you have matching message.

Add Call to Action

It sounds silly but check your website and see if there is a clear call to action on each page. If not, do something about it! See where you’d like customer to go next, add button or a bigger link and you will see that people will start following the path you gave them. This will result in better conversion – no questions asked.

Add Testimonials

Testimonials are nice way to show your potential customers how your old customers feel about your product or service. There is no better way to persuade your potential customer than letting others tell the story. Their story should be descriptive and tell how you helped them resolve the problem they were struggling. Being lead by example helps new customers realise how you/your product/service can help them.

Add Honest “About” Page

About us page is probably going to be the most visited page on your website. So, be honest, have conversational tone, and let people learn who you really are. If you are using photos, use real ones, not stock. People came to see you, not obviously fake representation of you. This way, you will have the opportunity to meet people you want to work with, and they will be happy because there was no false advertising.

Reduce the Number of Options

Give less options to the user to avoid choice paralysis. People usually come to your website because they need or want something. Help them find the solution on your site before bombarding them with tons of things they didn’t ask for. This goes for all segments of your website. And… as removing is easier than creating, start by chopping off all the options you wouldn’t like to see as a potential customer on your own website. Ask yourself is this image, link, video, form or a button really needs to be there. If the answer is no, remove it.

Add Live Chat Support

While phone number gives you credibility that there is a person behind business, people will often prefer having to talk in a more passive way. They will prefer email or chat, so provide them with these options. There are many options available so feel free to Google for these terms and you’ll find solution that will fit your organisational structure.

By following these simple steps you will be able to quickly make a difference increasing your conversion rate. Start now and don’t let your competition overtake you.