Here is a Method That is Helping Get More Done and Save Time


Are you struggling to achieve everything during the day? Are you overwhelmed with schedules and to-do lists and nothing helps? Here is a method that is helping get more done and save time!

Getting the work done

During a day we often tackle different things that sometimes make it hard for us to focus on what really matters.

We get drawn away by colleagues that find it to hard to use Google on their own, we get phone call that is in no way related to our work, and worst of all – we get tons of emails that need to be answered.

With all of these distractions, it is easy to understand how one can get lost and achieve little during a day.

However, there is a way to make things better, and you won’t even need a special tool.

Just a pen and a paper!

1. Make a List

In the evening or in the morning, just before you get into all that hassle, make a list of things you need to do complete during that day.

Simple and straight-forward. From top to lower priority.

2. Work on First Item

Start with item #1 with no excuse. Just focus on it and don’t give up until you’re done.

Don’t look at your phone, email or other items until you’re done.

3. Scratch That First Item

Once you’re done with the first item on the list scratch it and forget about it.

It is not on your list anymore, and, the list is getting smaller. Success!

4. Make a Break

You managed to solve the first item on the list, so answer that call or that email and help your colleague with that Google search (oh, if you didn’t know about this website you will like it so check it out after you’ve read this article:

5. Go to step #2

And keep it in the loop. From #2 to #5 until you’re done with all the items on the list.

This way, you can make every day a successful day.

This is simple, yet effective method that is helping get more done. I use it every day, so it could help you too!