Get The Ball Rolling!


Also, keep the ball rolling. Start an undertaking; also, keep an undertaking from flagging. Also see get the show on the road.

Remember the time we were thrilled with our new toy?

Well, we put it to good use, and today, we are proud to say that our first podcast is live!

Recording First eCommerce Show Podcast

We kicked off the eCommerce Show Podcast with an intro episode where our CEO, and your host @dejanjacimovic, outlined the context that our podcast will have in future, as well as where is it that we are headed with this undertake.

That means that in case you were wondering how to choose the right eCommerce platform, how to overcome the fact that starting an online store is a one man show, how to automate in the best way possible, choose partnerships strategically and work with developers – we got you covered!

We will use our podcast to share our vast experience in eCommerce and hopefully to help you out when it comes to understanding and implementing different growth strategies successfully, advise you on how to pair up with great technical team and get the best out of it.

In our effort to dispel common myths eCommerce is surrounded with, we will surround ourselves with great guests, industry leaders, creatives and professionals that will help us provide content of great value to all of you listening.

Hopefully, we will move your entrepreneurial spirit, encourage you to engage and help you learn from our experience by giving you an insight into what starting and managing online store is all about.

Fun all the way, we promise!

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