Fresh Marketing Tricks and No Robots, Please!



In the sea of all sorts of companies and entrepreneurs you can only differ in some form from the others and that’s the only way that you’re going to be noticed.

Why not differ in innovative marketing and good customer service?

Live Customer Service

Not rarely we find ourselves in the situation where machine voice tells us that we are the reason why this and that company exist and that they are here for us to help, help, help. Don’t you wanna grab that telephone and throw it from the 16th floor? I most certainly do. When having a problem who would want to talk to a robot?! I guess no one. Except from R2D2 maybe.

So, get a live support. Someone calm, eager to help and with good communication skills. If customer is pleased it is very likely that he/she will recommend you to his/her friends. Referrals hold the first place when attracting new customers. Keep that in mind when you think of getting recorded message as a help instead of a real human capable of solving the problem.

Long Story Short

When writing (promotional posts, blog, ads and so on) you don’t need to write novels in order to be spotted. Quite the opposite. Write clean, concise sentences using not too many words. How about this ad: For sale. Baby shoes. Never worn.

There is so much intensity in those six words. Filled with emotion they are telling us everything with barely no words at all. Maybe this could be your guideline next time you sit and write.

Be Innovative

We’ve seen it all before. Flashing billboards, colourful flyers, sweet talk commercials. As we are so used to all these, our senses are numb. We don’t pay any attention to it any more.

Here’s where your innovation and creativity should strike! Fast food chain Big Pizza in Belgrade seems to have it. They’ve organised a campaign and here’s the deal – Every time you call and order a pizza, delivery time should not be over 30 minutes, no matter in which part of town you live in.

In case that delivery is late, and when I say late I mean one second late, you don’t get to pay! Not only that pizza is delicious but it is very amusing looking at your watch every second hoping that delivery will be late. And when you order from the same address more than five times, they do get late. Not because they’re stuck in traffic, but because that’s the policy of the house. They attentionally come late and they don’t make a big fuss out of it, they don’t brag via billboards or some other type of advertising. They do it quietly and let customers, satisfied with the provided service and the fact they “crossed” fast food chain, do all the positive advertising for them. On the other hand, fast food is counting new customers by not overspending for pricey advertising companies.

Now it’s all up to you. It is your turn to pull your sleeves up and get creative. The idea is that you create something new and interesting that will help you and your business stay afloat by not spending over the budget. Ideas are worth nothing unless executed. So think big, always remember that small things do make a change and get your slice of marketing cake!