Freedom on Wheels: The Best Office for Your eCommerce Business


You might be one of those urban souls suffering from hot flashes when thinking about spending some time in nature, anticipating insects, unknown sounds and sleep deprivation.

You might be prone to thinking that the only sunset worthy of your attention is the one from 18th floor of your concrete-jungle-based office.

Or maybe quite the opposite – you are a tireless adventurer and greatest nature lover out there, with a completely different set of worries on your mind.

Living in nature

What will happen with WI-FI availability?

Will you be able to stay productive without being surrounded with your colleagues and tons of equipment?

What about space, brushing your teeth, and all the electronic devices you will need? Cooking is probably a challenge and hot bath – a luxury.

So many questions, and indeed – they are all pretty reasonable.

But also, there are equally many answers and amazing tips on the subject, as we found out after stumbling upon The Vanual.

From flooring to doing laundry – Zach reveals great tips on creating your own home/office/home office in your van.

We definitely see no reason why your next office shouldn’t have the best view in the world!

Sticking relentlessly to your work ethics, brainstorming productive ways to finish your tasks accurately and on time, and taking advantage of the fact that eCommerce allows you the luxury to work remotely, can only benefit your online business and your overall well-being.

Who knows, maybe at one point you realize that your van can be an amazing addition to your online store and decide to hit the road in your own mobile store.

Whatever you decide, make sure you – stay inspired!