Forget Lousy Reviews on Social Media, Damage Control Module is Here!


Do you sometimes have the impression that bad order handling is simply impossible to avoid? Indeed, if you run online store, mistakes are bound to happen. And you need to do everything to prevent bad experience for your customers on your online store.

Defining the scope of the problem

Preparing your order carefully and handling it with loads of attention –  is all you can do at that point.

Once it’s nicely wrapped and sent off – you will rely on your partners for a safe delivery.

And delivery can be spoiled for so many reasons, spoiling eventually your buyer’s experience on your online store.

Without you being able to prevent it. Why should this worry you then?

There is one reason only – in the mind of your customers – they are still having something to do with your online store.

Touch screen

Items being shipped present the only missing piece in your relationship puzzle, and it is the one that will probably determine the future of your collaboration.

Anger replacing joy is something you never want to cause.

Solving the problem

The fact that you have made a mistake doesn’t necessarily mean that a customer is lost.

Quite the opposite really!

Big companies experience paired with statistics, says clearly that customers are quick to forget when offered with an incentive, wowed with attention and blown away with how quickly things are being handled!

Make up for a broken order successfully, and you will most certainly prevent bigger damage for your online store and business.

Give your customer a chance to tell you what is wrong, and rush to solve it before dissatisfaction hits social media!

After all, you only want them to hit social media and look for your business so they could say how amazing you are!

That is why we have developed simple Magento module – Damage Control Module.

How does it work?

Someone orders your product and you start handling all the prep work getting ready to send it off to your amazing new customer.

After 3-5 days, when you are sure that the order has been delivered, you send an email politely asking if everything was alright with the order.

Customer then, simply follows the link and tells you all about their experience and how everything went.

They can do that by simply choosing the number of stars equivalent to the satisfaction they experienced. As always stars range from 1-5 and can be found on the reviews page.

Not having enough stars to mark order as a successful one (obtaining 1-3 stars) will redirect them and give them an opportunity to write a complain.

This way, not only you will be able to hear your customers and get valuable feedback, but start thinking about what your next step should be.

Maybe you will have to change your delivery company? Hire a new assistant? Ensure better packaging?

But before you start brainstorming on ways you can prevent more complaints coming from your buyers, you need to fix what happened and try to redeem yourself.

Offering a sincere apology, paired with different incentives such as returning the product on your expense, offering special discount, sending a gift, or anything you believe will soften their hearts.

If the complaint was reasonable, of course.

In a different scenario, where customers gave 4 or 5 stars when reviewing, they will be asked to share their great experience via Facebook or Google Plus.

This will help your potential customers decide faster when making a purchase through your online store.

Remember – social proof is everything! And statistics backed that statement.

According to eConsultancy – 63% of customers are more likely to make a purchase from a site that has user reviews. And not only that!

Site visitors who interact with both reviews and customer questions and answers are 105% more likely to purchase while visiting, and spend 11% more than visitors who don’t interact with UGC.

It will also be beneficial in terms of search engine rankings of your online store.

According to Moz, review signals ranked fifth among the most important search-engine ranking factors.

Reflecting continuously on positive and negative reviews, learning from customer behaviour, and dealing with it, can only improve your business and bring more happy customers.

And that is what this module is all about!

It is 100% free, and available for anyone to use. After all – customer satisfaction is all that matters. Right?

And so are we – our only goal is helping your online store rock!

Contact us if you need help implementing this module.

You (or your developers) can find the module on following link: