Facebook and Twitter Take Over eCommerce Customer Service?


It seems like companies will soon forget what was it like to have crowded offices filled with phone buzzing! Soon it will all be up to DM, @ and RT! Read our latest blog post and discover tips for managing your customer support via Facebook and Twitter!


It might be true that customers are not always right, but it’s also true that they can always run to your competitor. They could leave for various, and for you – more or less valid reasons.

But they CAN go.

And that’s the essence. Today, when knowledge, information and every resource you need to run a business is widely spread and available, it’s such a shame to miss out and face the failure on your online store. Failures can be prevented, even, completely removed, but only if you’re ready to invest loads of hard work into it.

How many times have you faced sky high numbers when looking into your abandoned carts statistics? How many times did the numbers show that efforts that you have endured to set up cross-sell and up-sell products have been completely in vain?

How many times have your customers returned products from different reasons? And what method did you use to help out your customers?

If you’re not that familiar with how to use social media as a customer service tool, stay tuned since we have summed up couple of advices on how to use Twitter and Facebook with that purpose. You will need loads of engagement, creativity, patience and politeness, but you can do it! You can create customer service that could put your brand and business visible and successful and make you forget when was the last time that you have had a buyer that has left you.



The number of companies that decided to use Twitter to communicate with their clients/buyers is huge. Most of them even decided to make it their only media of choice. Crowded offices and customer support phones have been replaced and soon they will be completely forgotten. Twitter is fast and your customer support should be the same.

No matter if you decide to offer support 9AM-5PM only, or round the clock – what’s important is that your answers are to the point and helpful. Of course, if you choose Twitter, you should expect all sorts of comments, suggestions or thoughts. Whatever you do, make sure that those remarks are never too low on your priority lists.

It is clear that they’re not all equally important, but you should have a long term picture in your head. That being said, everything related to your online store in any way, should be equally important.

That’s the only way for you to build a long term connection with your buyers. Connection based on trust, reliability, honesty and loyalty.

Today, speed is everything. It is more than crucial and that’s why using a platform such as Twitter is great for your business. It’s essential that you respond to each and everyone. Automated tweets that will be published in a certain time are perfect in case you wish to inform your followers about some company update.

However, if you have a complaining customer and all they get as an automated answer saying “We’re happy to hear you’re satisfied” or “We apologise for the problems that we might have caused”, whole situation will become rather irritating. Above that – it will be transparent as well.

Visibility of your conversation will be crucial when it comes to this kind of interaction with your buyers. It is another reason why we see Twitter as platform that is mighty and powerful. As an online store owner, you cannot allow yourself to be unpleasant or rude. Your conversation will be visible to everyone and it will probably gain audience.

It will also allow everyone to find out what kind of attitude does your brand portrays, what are your priorities and what are the values that you stand for. Of course, content of your direct messages will remain visible only to you.

Or will it?

Quite often, the buyer/visitor that was not happy with the way things were handled when he visited your online store, reached out to you via DM and again, was not treated with respect or understanding, can easily print screen and memorise the whole conversation.

After that it’s simply down to sharing news about the incident. That’s why you should always remember it’s very hard to build a solid reputation. You cannot spend time and energy building it and then let one retweet ruin it.

Quick tip: use settings that will allow you to get direct messages from your users no matter if they follow you or not. That why you can communicate with everyone!



There are countless ways in which you can use huge number of people that are active on Facebook every day in order to help your brand grow and ensure visibility for your online store. Customer support is only one of them.

In Facebook, they already realised that this platform outgrew its primary purpose long time ago. Ever since they presented Page, Facebook has become infallible promotion channel for almost every activity there is. It is equally used by large companies, small entrepreneurs and startups, jewellery makers, yoga instructors or the ones promoting their band.

Recently, new change has been introduced and it is based completely on a fact that Facebook is used by more and more companies as a customer support tool.  Now, in any brand page you can see a small icon that reflects administrator’s activity on that particular page. Quite useful indeed, since one gaze over a small icon can tell you are they inclined to answer promptly.

Similar to Twitter, Facebook also can serve as a tool for your customers to communicate suggestions, ideas and remarks. That’s why if you decide to be present on this social platform, make sure you earn green icon.

Let your buyers know first hand whether there’s a chance to be answered to. On the other hand, Facebook doesn’t limit post length in a way Twitter does, so you can use it to meet your buyers and to inform them about new offers or promotions. Of course, you should share all of this on Twitter too, but you can relax when it comes to Facebook.

Here you can post more photos, short movies or any content you wish to present in order to promote your brand.

Also, don’t ever run from responsibility. If faced with harsh criticism or buyer’s satisfactions hits bare minimum, avoid washed out phrases and face the problem. Listen to what the buyers have to say and apologise if you’ve done something wrong. Try to demonstrate that what’s important is to recognise that you’ve made a mistake and promise it will not happen again.

Offer some sort of compensation – it can be a discount coupon or maybe free shipping. Show that you care and that you’re sincerely sorry. They will value your honesty for sure.

Another important thing is – choose carefully what your tone will be. Choose whether it will be funny/sarcastic/formal/serious. Let the entire page reflect one tone that will be specific and widely recognised. Some companies have gone that far that now they communicate only in a sarcastic, completely insulting tone with their buyers.

Of course it can mean loads of fun, but make sure there’s an idea behind it and you don’t over do it. You need to find your own, special way of communicating and you will never make a mistake.

Quick tip: Speed is crucial. You have to be omnipresent and if you’re the only one managing online store and administering social media accounts, you should rather choose one that you can benefit the most of and do not disperse all over the place. Whatever you choose you have to ensure that you’re always there for your buyers.

You should thrive to engage your customers to communicate with you and to hear them out. It is definite that by doing that you will hear loads of useful advices and suggestions that might have never occur to you. Pose them a question, make them communicate, initiate a constructive discussion and they will appreciate the fact that you value their opinion.

Of course, there will always be the ones that are not satisfied at all, or simply love to complain. Just like in old brick and mortar store. It is inevitable to face judgment, returns, bad product reviews or abandoned carts and lost transactions.

That cannot be what discourages you, it has to be what makes you move on and progress. It has to be what makes you try harder to  do anything that’s in your power to make those situations happen seldom. That way platforms such as Facebook and Twitter can become vital and the most effective way for you to approach to your customers and help them.