eCommerce Automation

According to a study by Mavenlink, two out of five small business owners rank time as their most valuable asset, and a quarter of those would pay $500 for just one extra hour in the day.

Unfortunately, you can’t buy more time. But you can use it more effectively and efficiently.

One thing we enjoy doing more than others is eCommerce automation. When done properly automation can take your business to new heights. Automation helps eliminate manual, time consuming and costly tasks within an organization and replace them with automated processes that work faster while reducing redundancy in tasks, overall operating costs, and quite often reducing the errors due to a lack of human factor.

Most obvious benefits of business automation are:

  • Time saving for employees.
  • Increased productivity.
  • Improved quality and increased predictability of quality.
  • Improved consistency of processes.
  • Increased consistency of output.
  • Metrics visibility.
  • Reduced direct human labor costs and therefore expenses.

Only some of our implementation examples you will find below.

Pricing and customer groups

Our tools allow easy setup of pricing policy:

  1. per customer group,
  2. for specific period of time,
  3. per specific customer,
  4. per quantity,
  5. per custom offer,
  6. and a lot more flexible options.

We believe that having an option to fine tune your pricing can make a large difference to success, especially when it comes to B2B segment.

Warehousing and shipping

For growing a scalable business is extremely hard without the support of automated processes of keeping track of your stock, and shipping on time. Doing everything on your own can be quite a pain.

Luckily there are companies that do provide such a service, and we have a lot of experience with multiple companies in Central and Northern Europe, USA, Canada and China. These integrations are rarely done without rigorous testings, therefore choosing the right solution provider for the integration (even when it comes to well established companies like Shipwire) is crucial for success of your business.

Some of the comapnies we have worked with:

  • AxiaFrakt
  • Bring
  • Suxess
  • Shipwire
  • Moodja
  • Autodata

Multiple warehouses

Whoever decided to launch their business in international markets found out that regular warehouse and shipping integrations do not work. So, decide what is best for your business, decide where you want to ship from, merge your warehouse totals, and ship those goods quickly for a great customer satisfaction. 😎

Haven’t heard of other companies or solutions that offer multiple warehouses? Well that’s what “stunt” stands for in our name. We like hard problems, and beautiful solutions, so make sure you use the best of it.

Customer tracking

There is nothing worse then clicking that “send” button to send newsletter campaign and getting only opening rates and conversion rates as statistics results.

The real question is what happens after the customer clicks link from your newsletter?

The truth is that each customer is different, so why not rank them accordingly? Nurture your relationship with your customers as a group while having a clear profile on each and every one of them.

Wouldn’t it be useful to know:

  • which pages have they visited (exact URLs)
  • how many times they have visited each page
  • how much time did they spend on each page
  • after sending newsletter, you can get to know if each individual customer clicked on links from this newsletter and if they made a purchase or if they registered
  • you will be able to filter customers based on different criteria like:
    • those that purchase based on newsletter (choice of multiple campaigns should be possible)
    • those that purchase based on coupon (happy birthday, anniversary, etc…)
  • you will be able to make criteria for ranking customers in order to learn who are my MVCs like:
    • If customer has visited more than X pages give them 10 points
    • Give customer 1 point per visited page
    • If customer has visited careers page, reduce the number of points by 5
    • If customers has average order value of Y eur, give them 20 points
    • If customer makes purchase more than once a month, give them 3 points
    • If customer purchases upon sending newsletter, give them 5 points

Multiple channels

Control your finances and business reports from one place while selling on multiple channels like:

  • Amazon (US, UK, ES, FR, DE)
  • Ebay
  • Rakuten
  • Tmall

Have one place where you control it all, change the data only once and save tremendous amount of time on managing what would otherwise be one person job.

B2B sales

Most e-commerce platforms handle B2C decent out of the box. But being truly good at B2B takes time, practice and dedication. It took us 8 years to get to the point where we can comfortably say we have what it takes to help take your business to the next level.

Some submodules of our B2B module include:

  1. Order upload from customer-filled XLS file
  2. Creation of custom quotes per customer (so that customer can make one-click payment)
  3. Integration with CRMs like Salesforce
  4. Creation of purchase orders
  5. Pre-order
  6. Automatic payment reminders
  7. Fetching of invoice payments directly from the bank
  8. Tracking of warehouse totals and stock change

And even more…

Reach out to us with your ideas and questions. We might already have have a solution for you.