Don’t Make These 3 Mistakes on Your Online Store


It has been said many times – online store has so many advantages compared to traditional store.

And you probably know them by heart.

It is constantly open, it is available to everyone and it is safe.

You also know how shopping in traditional store can be tedious and tiring.

The crowd, long lines, sellers with attitude – it can pretty much ruin the feeling.

But can you believe you can ruin the feeling for someone shopping online as well?

Yes, you most certainly can. And you shouldn’t.

You should never confuse your customers, you should never make the process tedious or complicated. It will always lead to abandoned carts and loses.


Competition is everywhere.

Blue door

1. Search

Search can be the most amazing and useful option for your online store.

You might think that way at least.

It is most certainly useful if you are dealing with thousands of products, but it turned out that it can be quite an obstacle for potential buyers.

It can be rather hard for them to find a product if you rely on search only.

Main reason is clear – there will always be different ways to search for an item.

One item can always be presented in multiple ways and that can create quite a bit of confusion.

It can often happen that search brings no results only because caps lock was on, or maybe you have made a tiny small typo.

Imagine what would happen if you would have customers speaking Slavic or Scandinavian languages and (not) using special characters when typing?

It would be impossible for your buyers to find a products and eventually they would give up.

Also, your search may prove to be slow, or unable to recognise synonyms (Hair dryer vs. Blow dryer).

That is why you should focus all your energy to create impeccable product categories.

That is the only way that buyers will reach wanted products. Sometimes, searching (and especially without getting relevant results) can make customers simply give up.

And that is your loss.

2. Inadequate and aggressive cross-selling

Increasing sales and positioning yourself firmly in global market are probably your priority goals.

Using cross-selling on your online store can most certainly get you there.

It implies suggesting products closely related to the ones already chosen by the customer.

Still, as a seller, you have to be careful.

You have to take care about your buyer’s needs constantly and you have to take care about them feeling comfortable at your online store at all times.

The whole thing is quite similar to the behaviour of aggressive sellers working in traditional stores.

Offering this and that, chatting extensively, and following buyers all over the place is rude, abusive and it will only make customers leave the store.

Yes, the same thing will happen on your online store.

Web buyers can feel if you are being intrusive and will not appreciate your recommendation if you are completely missing the point.

That is why you should always make sure you don’t offer random products that are in no way connected to what customer has already chosen.

Buyer that has Tolkien’s “Hobit” in shopping cart will probably appreciate if you would recommend some other epic fantasy novel instead of chick lit, pillow or wine glasses.

Aggressive and inadequate cross-selling will not only result in cart abandonment.

It will probably make customers avoid your store in future, at all costs. And that’s one thing you definitely do not want to happen.

3.Complicated registration and checkout procedures

Each and every buyer that is frequenting your store should have an account.

That is definitely something you should strive for. But that will not happen unless you do your best to make it easy.

Registration process that is complicated will drive customers away.

Filling redundant fields will make them give up and look for the product somewhere else.

That’s why you should make sure that your registration process is quick and easy. Customers come to your online store to browse for products, compare prices and buy.

Make sure you don’t distract them from their intentions.

Ask only for information you really need – name and email.

That is all you need. Same goes for checkout process.

Simply add shipping address to the list. Everything else simply does not fit into the concept of online shopping.

And the concept is simple – buy all you need whenever, simply and quickly.

Building and organising online store is challenging and it requires a lot of effort.

Some things are more important, but some of them may only seem that way.

The truth is that you should really pay attention to details, especially the ones that can bring damage to your entire business.

That is what makes the difference between professional and amateur online store.

Teams made of professionals that are fully devoted will be well aware of buyer’s psychology.

Adopt as much as you can and don’t stop your online business from growing and spreading.