Discover Buyers Frequenting Your Online Store


Have you segmented customers frequenting your online store? Do you have loads of newbies or customers that are just browsing? Learn how to discover buyers that are browsing through your online store, adapt and increase sales!

Almost every experienced seller will tell you that buyer’s actions and behaviour can be predicted as soon as they step one foot into the store.

With four eyes on, sellers decide on their selling tactics which are always based on placing buyers into groups.

Of course, at first, everything is up to the sellers, their skills and ability to recognise customer’s needs.

Then it’s all about reacting quickly and offering the customers exactly what they need.

Everything with one goal – converting visitor into a buyer.

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When it comes to selling online, you as a store owner don’t have the chance to meet your customers in person and create strategy based on your intuition or previous experience.

Your strategy has to be based on relevant data you have acquired so far, and their analysis of course.

We don’t want you to learn on your own mistakes (even though we know that’s inevitable) so we engaged ourselves into defining some of the most frequent buyers group for you.


They are known for being very thorough and patient.

Those buyers will use every source there is, in order to obtain enough information about the product they mean to buy.

They’re not lazy to read every product review ever written, either online or offline.

Also, one thing they never do – take product reviews for granted. They will tirelessly browse through the same products made by different companies, compare them and try to find the best characteristics there are.

Once they make a decision about buying the product, they start searching for the best price there is.

Be their source of relevant information, and they will most likely become your customers.

Short and Sweet

Buyers in this group have predefined notion of what is it that they need and they don’t want to spend whole eternity looking for it.

They are usually more than prepared to purchase on the spot and that’s why the seller’s role has to be to make that possible for them.

It is extremely important to be as precise as you can be in your optimisation, because these buyers will not go from one store to another.

Instead they will only visit couple of those well ranked.

They deeply value on site search as well as a simple road from searching to buying.

They are the type of visitors that will give up if you make them fill redundant fields or require a registration.

That’s why you should make it possible for them to reach the products they need quickly and offer easy delivery and return of the product.

That’s the only way to keep them as a constant on your store.

Just Browsing

Just like in a traditional brick and mortar store, most of the people are just browsing and looking around, and end up not buying.

Same group of buyers is online too and with exactly same behaviour.

They even represent the majority of online store’s traffic and really do represent online shopping phenomena.

They’re on your online store to have some fun, and since they don’t have a specific goal or a product they aim for, it is very hard to convert them into real buyers.

That’s the reason why you should try and animate them with beautiful and high quality product pictures, created from several angles, or show them how your product fits into a certain lifestyle.

They’re usually addicted to Pinterest, and they do buy every once in a while, so make sure that, when they do, they do it in your store.

Coupon Hunters

Everybody likes discounts and that’s a fact.

Some more than others probably.

These buyers don’t only find joy in shopping per se, but in a fact that they saved money, gained something more for the same price or got the opportunity to save for the next shopping spree.

They will not let anything stand between them and a discount.

Also, regular price doesn’t practically exist for them.

But, another fun fact related to this buyer group is that they will buy something even though they didn’t plan it, if they run to a good deal.

You can wow these buyers by offering any sort of promotion, free samples, gift cards or free shipping.

Send them a coupon code for their birthday, and always offer them free shipping.


Newbies are just diving into eCommerce concept and ways of functioning.

Until recently they used online stores to inform themselves about deals, but all of the actual purchasing was done offline.

Concerned about their online safety, as well as will they get what they have actually ordered, if it arrives, they were sceptic about purchasing online.

What they need is help and additional encouragement so they can dare to purchase online for the first time.

Easy and intuitive site navigation, pictures that are as realistic as possible, are something that will make them one step closer to purchase.

Offer them detailed information about terms of service and delivery and you will have a newbie leaning toward buying your items more than ever.

Their initial purchases are more likely to be of small value, because what they want to do is make sure that everything will go as planned.

Remember, all of the groups we mentioned have something in common.

They have all been a new buyer at one point.

That’s why you need to do as much as you can to have the army of buyers faithful to you and your brand.

They are the bloodstream of every business. No one can become your regular buyer until you go deep into their skin while they’re doing their first purchase with you.

Have that in mind always, and always strive to do everything to keep them at your store.

No matter if it’s the their first or hundred and twenty one order they place in your store.