Creating a Brand Out of Downloadable Product?


Our latest blog post reveals something super exciting! Have you ever imagined that you can create successful online store with just ONE product? Don’t believe us? Tune in and read more!

If you wish to sell a product that’s downloadable, you probably don’t think you need a fully professional eCommerce solution.

And you’re right, there are so many platforms where you can offer your e-books, songs, softwares or any other product that you have created.

You can sell it, but that will be where the story ends.

That’s why the you should ask yourselves – is that the only thing you want to achieve?


Sure, you want to earn some (maybe extra) money, but wouldn’t you prefer to have everyone turn their heads when your product is mentioned?

Wouldn’t you love to build a brand and proudly stand behind it?

Unfortunately, the beginning of that adventure will never be your Facebook page or a profile in some platform that already has thousands of sellers engaged to sell the same product.

You’re probably leaning toward the most popular/profitable platform, especially if you have only one product.

And that makes sense.

But we wanted to write a little something about creating something bigger.

Creating something huge as a matter of fact, but starting from one product and one product only.

We thought about it extensively and decided to share with you couple of tips and conclusions.

More precisely, we are offering you chain of events or steps that can help you achieve something amazing!

Let’s imagine that we’re selling patterns that can help create an amazing wool jumper!

That is the only product on our store – one pattern, that’s all we have!

We can present our pattern in any form – it can be a simple PDF document, it can even be an image.

The important thing is to set it up for download.

We don’t even have to mention that your document will be downloadable all over the world, and that it will be available for download from any device.

Now, when we have our product all polished for download, let’s see what our next steps should consist of.

In the very beginning, we can use simple settings to add our product to online store and determine how many times can one user download one product.

We can also determine for how long will our product be available for download.

We can add every possible attribute to it, just like we would do with a bag, or pair of shoes!

There are no limits. And that’s what’s amazing.

Among other things.

Nowadays, it’s not that likely that you will find old copies of magazines on kiosks that used to give you patterns for free.

Sure, you can always download them for free online, and that’s precisely why your pattern has to stand out.

It has to be something that you cannot find anywhere else!

There are probably loads of patterns out there, but by creating something that is distinctive, unique and flawlessly executed, you will win this one for sure!

If that means that you need to revoke your great great great grandmother that lived in Empire Russia and used to make woolen miracles – then do it!

But your product has to be spot on!

To sum up: Your product needs to be impeccable, hard to find, useful and to stand out!

There are numerous advantages of placing your product online in a form of downloadable product.

First of all, your product is one click away from your buyer.

That, of course can be possible with other material products too, but in this case, your buyer don’t have to wait for the package to come.

Also, that means that you don’t have additional costs to ship those products to a final destination which not only reduces the cost, but makes your product highly wanted on the market.

Customers usually want to have their product right away, so there’s no better way than making it downloadable.

Whoa, your customer can start knitting (and probably pulling out hair) right away!

To sum up: Another great advantage of downloadable product is that it’s in the hands of a customer right away!

Next stop is determining your buyer’s group.

Obviously, you will advocate, communicate and advertise your product to those groups that are inclined to DIY projects.

Pinterest is of course, platform number 1 for you, right next to Instagram.

That means two things – you have found the niche for your product and alongside that you have determined two social platforms that you will have to use in order to present your product!

How amazing is that!

Be careful though, no one ever said it will not be time consuming or overwhelming at times.

Don’t let those facts discourage you or make you stump along the way!

Be persuasive, persistent and in control.

To sum up: In this step you have found your niche and with that, you have determined which social platforms will become your best friends while building your brand! Move on!

Next, even though you have only one downloadable product, there’s no reason why you shouldn’t have an amazing blog!

Create one, and make sure you deliver great and useful content.

Publish inspirational posts, designers you admire, useful tips and tricks for knitting or other ideas for DIY projects.

You have huge chances to be recognised over your blog only, and to make visitors turn into buyers when realising great possibilities of your product.

To sum up: Create a blog and make it amazing. Transform your buyers into customers and your visits into conversions. Remember, you still have one product only! Perfect!

You should also imagine and strive for a scenario where one of the visitors and religious readers of your blog is someone that wants to engage into cooperation with you.

It’s simple, if they want to buy, let’s say more than 10 patterns, you can give them discount or special price, exchange banners or logos.

Congratulations you got yourself your first affiliate!

Your affiliate is probably not a newbie like yourself, so mutual cooperation can bring you so much more than selling 10 patterns.

It can give you publicity! It would be great if your affiliate is a blogger for example.

You can create one jumper, ask him to feature it in a blog and share with their followers.

That’s why you should always strive to create successful, respectful and meaningful collaborations.

To sum up: You got yourself your first affiliate! That’s awesome!

woolen jumper

There’s no reason why you shouldn’t define your upsell and cross-sell products.

There’s no reason why you shouldn’t offer things like wool, needles, baskets, materials and so on.

The fact that your product is downloadable doesn’t mean that the end product will not be material. Remember, no one will limit you but yourselves.

To sum up: Offer cross-sell and up-sell even if your product is downloadable!

Now go ahead and market your product like you’ve never marketed before.

Polish your Pinterest boards and Instagram account, and then get a hold of your YouTube channel.

Create tutorials, share tips and engage your audience with great content.

Don’t forget to mention your store of course.

Believe us, your only problem will be not having enough time to respond to everyone that’s interested in your amazing pattern!

To sum up: The only thing you will be missing is free time.

Now, create newsletter.

You should have enough content by now, you have your store (still with only one product), you have your blog, your Pinterest and Instagram accounts and you have your YouTube channel.

Create offers, coupon codes or whatever else it occurs to you and start distributing newsletters. Make sure you define properly when to send, how to send and to who.

We know, no one said it’s going to be a walk in the park.

To sum up: Start sending newsletter, start creating coupon codes and ensure your store and product (yes, still only one) is visible to everyone and everywhere.

After this, you have endless possibilities.

Visibility of your store that you have created through Pinterest, Instagram or features in someone’s blog can bring you articles in fashion magazines and after that, your first fashion show.

Remember, we started with only one downloadable pattern that can be used for knitting jumpers.

Now go ahead and prepare well for your first Vogue interview, and rule that runway!


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