Blogging Inspiration: 10 Blogs You Need to Follow If You Are Selling Online


Being a small store owner, you probably rely only upon yourself when it comes to research, creating products, managing orders and shipping. It can be overwhelming indeed, but with so many tools and resources online, you have the chance to learn from those that know the tricks and are willing to share them.

And fortunately, many great blogs, tools and resources are available out there, and for free.

Those willing to share which tactics worked or what should be avoided at all costs.

Those willing to test, try out, craft a tutorial, or record a video.

Giving back to the community is rewarding in so many ways.

Keyboard on a desk

Having such a large base of articles, blog posts, tutorials and opinions on pretty much everything can be confusing.

After all, you are looking for help because you are just starting out, and obviously you will spend some time trying out different resources in your search for the right answer.

We decided to help you by doing the filtering for you.

Reaching a decision can be overwhelming, and when running online business your decisions have to be unbiased, based on facts, analysis and exact data.

And not everything you can find on the web fits the equation.

So, without further ado, we bring you the ultimate list of relevant blog posts you need to follow if you are into selling online.

We wanted the list to be nice and sorted so we chose following categories:

  • Introduction to eCommerce
  • Sales
  • Marketing
  • SEO
  • Photography and Video
  • Landing pages
  • Inspiration

Prepare your fingers for loads of CMD + D and get ready to absorb great tips!

Introduction to eCommerce

Meet a great team that raised their voice against biased articles comparing different eCommerce platforms. And there are many of those.

This is probably the ultimate list of all eCommerce platforms available out there, with detailed explanation reflecting upon their strengths and weaknesses.

It can definitely help you choose when that moment comes. We often try to emphasize the importance of properly choosing your eCommerce platform. And second opinion cannot hurt.

eCommerce platforms

Hopefully, you will choose the best platform for your online store, the one that will let you and your brand scale and grow.

In case you need additional resources, we suggest you start reading eConsultancy – great resource for everything eCommerce.

Analytics, usability, strategies and growth are sections where they got you covered and we believe your online business will benefit greatly.

If you need to crunch the numbers, Baymard Institute is the place to go!

One could say that team behind Baymard Institute is on a continuous mission to deliver the best strategies deliver the most comprehensive studies regarding usability and eCommerce optimization.


Hubspot Sales Blog

We love Hubspot! It is by far the best blog out there that you can follow and get amazing tips.

Hubspot is a great resource for advice on how to increase sales, convert leads into customers and customize your content in order to attract visitors.

Their blog posts are comprehensive, straightforward, useful, concise and widely applicable.

Choose between Marketing, Sales and Agency blog and we are positive that you will find greatly useful advice.

Their Marketing and Sales library has practically everything you will need to master inbound marketing and increase sales. Amazing!


Interested in discovering how different colours affect your visitors? Or how to properly run A/B testing and increase conversions?

Kissmetrics has by far the most detailed blog posts on marketing strategies, and great advice on how to monetize and improve your digital presence.

Their in-depth blog posts will make you want to apply everything in your business today, but be careful and systematic.

Trying to incorporate all the strategies at once might cause you to burnout while trying to multitask.

Make sure you are always analytical and realistic – take your time and plan well all the strategies you wish to implement in order to grow your business.

One thing is definite though – you will wonder how you ever lived without Kissmetrics!


For many store owners out there this is definitely the most important part.

Many believe that being loved by search engines and mastering online store optimization is a critical skill that can ensure success in eCommerce.

And the truth is – it is important, and every store owner should know his way through almighty Google Analytics.

Luckily for store owners, many videos have been made in effort to teach you how to measure results, get insights into your store’s analytics and they are all available to you for free in Analytics Academy.

According to description – “Analytics Academy offers free, online courses on Analytics and other data analysis tools. You can use Analytics Academy to prepare for the Analytics Individual Qualification (IQ) exam – an industry recognized qualification.

Google Analytics Academy

You can even test your knowledge and repeat until you have it all nice and sorted. Perfect!

Another great source is Moz – whether you need tutorial on SEO, link building or tips on how to successfully manage your social media presence, Moz got you covered.

Moz Academy

Not only they have a great blog packed with amazing advice, but you can benefit from their Moz Academy (if you are a Pro subscriber).

For more tips and useful SEO strategies, make sure you start following Brian Dean and Backlinko blog.

Photography and Video

…are two segments of your online store that have to be impeccable at all times.

No matter what your product is, and no matter if you have professionals in your team or no.

Pixelz will offer not only great photography hacks and tips, but also advise you on how to create complete visual strategy for your eCommerce business.

As a matter of fact, we guarantee you will feel as a professional if you follow their tips, and that will most certainly reflect on your online store and sales.

If you rely on video on your product pages, make sure you start reading GoodVidio.

Good Vidio

Their blog is literally packed with great tips – not only regarding video, but all things visual.

They share best practices on video optimization on regular bases, and knowing that use of video can boost your conversion rates to a great extent, it is definitely worth bookmarking and reading.

Landing Pages


Trying so hard to attract visitors to your online store and then loosing them is something you cannot afford.

You need to try hard to create great landing page that will keep and engage your visitors, directing them towards checkout hopefully.

The most detailed advice on how to create compelling CTA, alongside with numerous free templates can be found on Unbounce.

With their advice you will most certainly build a high converting landing page, without spending lots of your precious time.

Make sure you visit their – Smart Marketer’s Landing Page Conversion Course, where you can find literally everything you need to know.


We cannot avoid being subjective on this one, Seth Godin will always be our go-to blogger when in need of inspiring posts.

Seth’s inexhaustible inspiration transfers to you as you move through lines of his brave and useful daily writings. All the time.

No matter what the topic is. We are sure you will find it not only inspiring, but helpful and useful for both – your personal well-being and your business.

In the end…

If your online store relies on Magento, make sure you check out our free Magento tutorials for beginners.

You probably already have your favourites and your go-to places or persons.

Hopefully, we managed to add few great names and teams to your list.

Remember, whatever you read, always make sure it is relevant and always adjust it to your needs.