Best Magento Extensions to Help Boost Sales in Holiday Season


Holidays are just around the corner! Here is our recommendation on Magento extensions that could help you boost sales during holiday season. Let the shopping spree begin!

With the holiday season at our doors it is always good to think about the ways to boost up your sales and new customers feed. With Christmas on the way, and New Year’s Eve following, you should be well prepared for a huge shopping activity, as everyone will be looking for a perfect gift for their beloved ones.

This is why we bring you the top 5 Magento sales and promotion extensions, the plugins which will allow you to increase the number of returning customers and attract even more of the new ones, thus making you more active and more present in the biggest shopping period of the year.

Disclaimer: the list is sorted randomly, we can’t say whether one extension is better that another since they are used in different ways and for different purposes.

1. One Step Checkout

The absolute champion of the increase in conversion rates in the world of Magento, One Step Checkout allows you to go as near as possible to “1-click-checkout” in Magento system. For returning customers checkout process will be extremely fast and easy, thus increasing the speed of sale, and decreasing the effort from customer and time given to him to change his mind, while new customers will have a great overview of things they need to fill in to complete the order.

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2. Advanced Promotions by Fooman

Magento, by itself, provides a very powerful promotion system. It allows you to do many kind of different promotional advertisings, with setting discounts for exact type of products you specify in the exact conditions of use. Fooman’s Advanced Promotions brings this to a even higher level, allowing you to specify all kind of interesting discounts and promotions which will lead customer to buy even more than he initially planned.
Gather up your marketing and sales teams, it’s time to become creative (:

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3. AJAX Shopping cart by Amasty

This may seem like a purely cosmetic upgrade, but believe me – there’s much more in it than just a few beauty tricks. Both regular and new customers always have some kind of doubt and would like to explore products searching for those which will suite them perfectly. And you want them to find those products because you want your customers not satisfied, but delighted with your products, as those customers are the ones which will certainly be back for more. AJAX Shopping cart extension enables them to do just that – easy exploring and picking from your product collection, without huge jumps here and there, waiting for a new pages to load, opening new tabs and windows, and remembering where you stopped. You want your customers to feel cozy while circling through your store, and this tool will allow just that.

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4. Gift Card by Magestore

Basically, when it comes to holiday shopping it’s all about gifts, and for those who can’t decide what would suit the best to their bellowed ones it would be really great to offer them a gift voucher which they would give as a present, so their family and friends can choose what they want, right? Fear not my friend, as this is exactly the thing Gift Card extension provides. Easy to setup, through it you can add gift card products with different amounts, track their purchases, status and usage, and it all comes with customizable automatic e-mail sending. It’s time to chase some gifts!

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