Amazing Non-Stock Images for Your Online Store


Did you know that you don’t have to use stock photo ever again!? We created a list of the ones we love and often use and we’re sure you’ll find them useful!


Finding a good quality photos for free is was a difficult task.

Take a look back for a moment and think of all those times when you needed photos for your blog post/presentation/web site.

What is the first thing that comes to your mind? What are your options?

Hiring a professional photographer or reaching out towards computer hoping that you will find what you need online? Unfortunately, first thing that you’ll see will be – stock photos.

You will recognise them right away and conclude in a heartbeat – it does not look promising.

However, they’re all around us. On bilboards, web sites, pamphlets and commercials.

They’re attacking us from all over the place – people with their pushy poses and non-existing surrounding are literally everywhere.

Aw, but you will for sure find what you need when browsing!

You’ll probably find dozens that serve the purpose! The problem is that they will all be stereotypical and full of cliches.

Type in, for example, “business meeting” and after only few seconds you will see thousands of forced smiles, business outfits and fake imagery.

We all know “laughing at a salad” phenomenon right?

You heard it right – photos are of great quality, you can download them for free and use them in any possible way you want and can think of.

All of these web sites are under Creative Commons 0 licence, which means that authors have completely waved their rights, and offered their work for free or with a minor charge.

You can even use them in commercial purposes, how amazing is that?

When it comes to photos of products that you will sell online, the best possible advice is – hire an experienced professional.

However, if you need additional photos, stay tuned and check out our list of favourites.

These are the ones that StuntCoders team is using over and over again.

Ready? Set? Cmd+D!

Unsplash is a web site that offers high resolution photos and deserves to be the first one on the list! It’s our favourite, definitely!

Unsplash has a lot of paysages but also a lot of inspirational, amazingly framed photos with all sorts of motives. This group of creative enthusiasts posts ten new pictures every ten days and we’re sure that you will find what you need.

unsplash - printscreen

Pixabay will offer you all the categories that you could ever imagine.

Pixabay offers a whole variety of high quality photos, however, have in mind – it might happen that you need to pay for certain photos.

They are marked properly so if you want to avoid paying for them, make sure you read the description carefully.

Newoldstock is truly something special!

This web site’s rustic feel will wow you and its potential is truly amazing!

It might not be your first choice quite that often since it contains wast collection of vintage photos.

However, we’re sure that you can spruce up your blog/web site with early 2oth century imagery.

Gratisography is truly different when compared to web sites we have previously named.

Gratisography has its own special language, creativity, its own unique humour.

New photographs will be waiting for you every week, and we’re positive that their choice of high resolution photos can serve well to your web site or presentation.


Life of Pix will most certainly become your first choice in future, in case you need reaaallly high resolution photos.

They’re amazing at curating the best of the best!

Life of Pix will offer you a lifetime supply of great photographs, packed in categories that are versatile and useful.

New photos are uploaded for you to download them every week!


Foodie’s Feed is a web site that will make you come back for more.

It is dedicated exclusively to food and drink photography.

The only limitation that creative minds (and hands) behind this project have is – do not sell their work.

Everything else is allowed. Food might not have direct link to your business model and maybe its not directly related to your products, but these photographs can certainly be used in a blog for example.

In case you’re selling fitness equipment, supplements or anything connected to health, Foodies Food will soon become your haven and eternal source for amazing photography.

foodies-foodStock Snap will make browsing for photos super easy and we’re sure it will make you come back for more.

You can choose to go through recently published ones, most popular ones or simply choose one of those that were downloaded the most.

If that doesn’t get you to your favourite, perfect photo, you can always try searching by entering keywords.

Community is the keyword when it comes to Stock Snap, however.

Whole idea behind this project is gathering photographers and creating a community that will produce high quality photos that would be free to download.

Their photos are innovative, inventive and useful.

It’s easy to save favourite photos and if you don’t have one now, simply wait for them to find the best possible purpose.

Startup Stock Photos will wow you right away!

Their photos always have context and surrounding that is not ideal by any means, but it’s always natural and authentic.

We’re sure it will find a way to your bookmark list.

Raumrot has it all – modern images, retro images, landscapes and urban landscapes, you can find product pictures, food pictures and portraits.

To sum it up – they have it all!

screenshot- raumrot

Pexels has over 2000 photographs in their base.

And they’re all completely free to download.

Besides that, Pexels offers you possibility to download high quality videos. So, relax and dive in to it!

Images are sorted in categories, and Pexels crew will add 35 new ones every week.

They will do wonders when it comes to offering visual support for your websites or projects.

Do not forget to check out Magdeleine, Mmt i Superfamous.

We have recently discovered Snapwire that made us want to download each and every photo with one click to I WANT button.

You can easily sort pictures depending on the photography orientation, size, category or whether you need permission to use it.

There are also images that you need to link back to author and attribute, so be careful and read terms and conditions carefully when visiting Snapwire.

Everything is super easy, photos are of great quality and we’re sure you’ll use them a lot.

In the end, let’s sum up with couple of short but important remarks.

All of these photographs are free for download. They are even free to use in commercial purposes.

However some of them might have certain limitations so make sure you always read everything carefully. Also, don’t you ever present them as your work.

Even if it’s not required, find a place to mention, even in small letters, the image source.

If you can, give a small contribution and know that it will be truly appreciated.

And always have in minds small but significant reminder, those few words that you’ll see when you reach the bottom of the page at

Short reminder simply says – Go and Make Something Awesome!