About Us Page and Why Is It So Important for Your Online Store?


Buyers need security, something to read that can reaffirm the decision to purchase, and something to give additional proof that they have made the right choice. One of the crucial things in the whole story is – trust and legitimacy. Make sure you persuade them by writing honest and personal About us page.

Analytics analytics analytics.

Numbers, bounce rates, visits and charts.

You are probably dependent on what the numbers are saying.

You are probably constantly tweaking and adjusting, optimising, measuring and testing.

And that is the right way to do it.

Your store is your precious product on its own, and you cannot leave it neglected, with loads of time to load, non optimised and without updates.

But we are positive that there is one page that you might have neglected, or at least didn’t spend enough time contemplating.

About us page. Surprised?

businessmen reading newspapers
Well, now, try observing things from buyer’s perspective.

Let’s say that you have found yourself browsing web site of a certain company, thinking of purchasing something they are offering.

After checking out home page, product page, what is the next thing you do?

Trying to learn something more about company, naturally. Why?

Well, the answer is simple.

You are about to give them loads of personal information and credit card details.

You need security, something to read that can reaffirm the decision to purchase, and something to give you additional proof that you have made the right choice.

And it is not only about the possibility to abuse information.

You simply need the whole picture to be just right.

You want your transaction to go smoothly, you want to know who is behind it and you want to know that you will receive items that you have purchased.

Click and read

“Company Likeeveryonelse was founded in enterayear. For the past somebignumber years it managed to successfully establish on the market as one of the leaders in thisandthat industry. Using ground breaking technology and providing customers with the best products that are in accordance with highest industry standards is what differentiates us from our competition. We guarantee first class service and top notch products to all of our customers.”

Say what?

Ah well, after reading this you, as a buyer, are completely persuaded, right?

It’s a NO more likely.

This generic text probably has left everyone reading it with an even bigger question mark above their heads, then they could possibly have before reading About us section.

Who are you, what is your product?

The best? According to who? And..have we defined “the best” yet?

Highest industry standards? Who determines what is the highest standard in industry?

In which industry? What is the buyer’s knowledge of the industry?

How can he compare it to something else, if thousands of others also claimed to be using “ground breaking technology”.

What is ground breaking technology? The list goes on and on. Forever.

Usually, the biggest attention goes to homepage.

When finally, About us page is up next, web site owners often are not quite sure what to write.

So, they are drawn to the generic pattern that is not personal or beneficiary to no one.  

It is nothing but a completely lost and missed opportunity to build relationship with your customers and create proper image about your company.

Then why do you miss this great opportunity?

Behind the scenes

One of the crucial things in the whole story is – trust and legitimacy.

Which brings us back to the beginning.

We mentioned that one of the main reasons why customers will visit About us page is because they want to make sure that you are legitimate, trustworthy company.

With real people behind it.

With people that would reply to an email and help, if help is needed.

That is why not only good, but a great About us page is needed.

It is needed because the customer constantly wonders “Can I trust this web site?

Is it a scam? Will they deliver what was ordered and will they deliver it on time?”

Think of letting them into your space for a moment.

If you let them to get to know you, they will probably like you.

If they like you, they will buy from you. It is that simple.

Two major mistakes

  • you believe that “About us” page is actually about you.
  • you are using generic sentences that mean nothing.

Do us a favour, read the example from the beginning of the text one more time.

It is a ever lasting panegyric without any value to the consumer, that was eager to find out more, initially.

Companies are usually market leaders, growth hackers, without an actual proof to back the claims they have made.

Usually, what they offer is premium product, again without a proof.

Someone is reading that, someone is on your store.

Customers are probably already interested in your product, they probably already red what are your product specifications, and now they are keen to find out are you reliable.

On the other hand, can you imagine a company saying – “our products are outdated, our customer service is not that helpful, to be honest, we barely have one and who knows when will your poor product arrive.”

Another thing is that consumers can often be misled, but don’t think that they are that naive. Imagine being that consumer.

Would you buy any of it?

Mirror is your archenemy?

There is something rather inconvenient about writing/talking about yourself.

You never want to sound cocky or pretentious.

But, you know that you cannot seem falsely modest and that you cannot underestimate yourself either.

Maybe these few suggestions can help you out:

1. Recognise buyer’s needs

When a potential buyers visits your “About us” page, what they search is a reason to work with you.

To choose particularly you. Yes, they want to find out more about you, buy if we want to be more accurate, we would say – they want to find out how is it that you can help him?

So, instead of presenting yourself through vague and arbitrary sentences, be honest and direct and tell them what is it that they will receive from you.

Explain in what way will that be beneficiary for customers.

Is it a life saver? Does it solves a problem?

In which way it can help your customers become happy, more productive or relaxed?

Why are you saying that it is “top quality”?

Is it a material? Is it how it was made? What is it?

Behance nails it.

Behance About Us Page

2. Stop hiding

People enjoy connecting with other individuals.

When it comes to online business, especially eCommerce business, buyers need to know that there is another individual behind those landing pages, contact forms, banners and products.

Real people.

That’s why you need to be direct, you need to be you.

Include real photos of real people, your founders, your co-workers.

Introduce the team and send the message that you are a legitimate company and that buyers can trust you without discovering that they have been terribly wrong afterwards.

Researches have shown that users tend to ignore stock photos, and the truth is that they can really hurt your reputation.

Take a look how Groovemade managed to tell their story in a great way!

Groovemade About Us Page

3. Discover who you really are

The fact that content on About us page is rigid, sterile and generic is a consequence of nothing but a myth that this way you will reflect business, seriousness and professionalism.

Let’s be honest – it simply lacks creativity and imagination.

Which can be perfectly fine if we are talking about a huge insurance company or some financial institution.

But not at all if it comes to your online store.

You have to show personality and to accentuate what is it that differs you from the rest of the world.

If you are stiff and you’re portraying your brand as such, you need to change. You need to find your own tone and try to bond with customers.

Presenting – Katie!

Katie's About Us Page

4. Don’t go on and on forever

Exactly. No one wants to read a novel starting back when you were 3 years old.

Huge blocks of text will never be a good sign. Internet users are simply scanning the content.

They don’t have, or don’t want to waste time on dozens of lines to reach information they need. If you really wish to share plenty of information about your beginnings and how your business has evolved, choose a smart way to do so.

Break it into small paragraphs for example.

Or – link it to another page where you will offer detailed information about what is it that you do.

Use infographics and show everything.

Think of a well organised timeline and describe every milestone from your company’s history.

Take a look at these two examples:

Hennes and Mauritz History

Pizza Place About Us Page

5. Tell them what to do next

After reading page dedicated to your business, the moment is ideal to redirect visitor’s attention somewhere else.

You need to motivate them to do what you want them to do.

Add CTA (call to action).

It can be “Contact Us” button, “See Our Offer” button, or whatever you believe would engage them and be the best for your product or offer.

Let others talk about how amazing you are

Contact buyers that were satisfied with your product or service and ask them to leave a review/recommendation.

Testimonials that are completely unbiased are often the best way to gain trust from your new buyers.

Be careful, you do not want to miss out on what “About us” page has to offer.

That is one page where your buyers are looking for a reason to trust you.

It is not simply a formality, it is a powerful tool to reach and communicate with your audience.

And it deserves your undivided attention.