How to Use Blog to Increase Sales on Your Online Store?


If you are researching ways to increase traffic and conversion rates on your online store, you have probably red thousands of articles, blog posts, statistics and discussions. But does it have to be that complicated? Here is a rather simple and enjoyable solution. Read more..

61% of consumers say that they feel better about a company that delivers custom content, and are more likely to buy from that company.

It’s clear, content is not in the spotlight for the past several years for no reason.

And 61 percent indeed is a staggering number.

There are so many articles filled with advices and good strategies about running eCommerce store, and it is all a bit overwhelming.

But the fact is that content creation is one of the most important things that you can do for your online store.

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Blogs drive sales in ways that you cannot even imagine!

Researching what internet has to say has become the first thing we do when facing a problem or dilemma.

By offering solution and incorporating your product or services through unique and helpful content, you can boost your sales and help your online business grow.

We tried to sum up what are the main things you should be aware of when creating content.

Buckle up and start!

Do what your competitors are doing?

No. But, learn from them.

You have to be dedicated.

You have to be willing to learn and research.

And no, it’s not about being a copycat. It’s not about stealing ideas or undermining anyone.

It’s about constantly improving. It’s about progress. And that’s something everyone should strive for.

We focus on eCommerce, but really, these advices can be applied no matter what your vocation or field of expertise is.

Everyone has competition, even kids with their lemonade stands.

Someone’s is stronger, someone’s is weaker, it all depends on the perspective, and on the fact how competitive you are.

If you’re into eCommerce you have probably went through some analysis in order to find out who your competitors are.

And you probably concluded that they’re all online. But, what did they do to attract visitors to their online store, keep them on the store and wow them with?

Have they uploaded video or made it possible for the products to arrive the same day items were purchased?

And have they published all of that on their blog?

They probably have, and that’s why it’s ridiculous to let your business fall apart only because you weren’t able to adopt new ways and technologies.

Or because you don’t want to try hard(er). You don’t even have to spend huge amounts of money, you don’t have to hire consultants, advisors or marketing agencies – listen to your competitors and learn from them.

Listen your customers and learn faster.

Here’s an example of a big brand taking care of their blog and writing on regular basis.

You might think that they don’t need it. The truth is – increasing sales is always on seller’s mind.

No matter how big or small they are. Next time you think that it’s too hard to write about your product because it is too specific or too unusual – remember that someone is blogging about coffee over and over again. Always keep your creative juices flowing, and remember – the fact that your product is unusual can only attract more visitors.

Starbucks blog

Quality over quantity

So you realised you have to create content! Perfect.

Let’s start by completely dismissing the phrase you can hear everywhere these days – “the content is the king”.

Yes, it’s very important, but what everyone seems to be forgetting is the fact that only good content is king.

Anyone can sit and write. Still, not everything we read is good.

You have to create quality content and unless you can produce high quality content all the time, you should be realistic and decide in advance when to post.

Since we’re focusing on small businesses here, we’re going to assume that you don’t have a team of copywriters that can generate quality content on daily bases.

And that’s fine.

If you are a small business owner, you need content that puts your product into spotlight, that shows how did you create what you’re selling, that shows how much effort have you put into manufacturing something that is outstanding and that your clients would love to buy.

So don’t try to compete with the big ones. Be honest and offer solutions and advices.

The biggest concern related to content that you need to produce is that it has to be:

  • high quality
  • personal and honest so your customers can relate to it
  • has to be published on regular basis

Choose your topics wisely

Remember, this is YOUR blog.It’s a blog about your products so don’t try to compete with fancy corporate blogs.


You need content that is not generic, you need content that is personal, authentic and honest.

If something was hard, or you were struggling to create something – write about it.

You need your buyers to know that they will read something useful and something that will persuade them or give them additional social proof that they were missing.

You have to persuade them to buy. In a nutshell and honestly.

The best advice would be to sit, grab a cup of coffee and start (re)thinking your topics.

Let’s help you with an example. Let’s say that you’re selling decorative wallpapers.

You might think – “well it’s a family business and I took over.

Now I have to write about it but there’s no way that wallpapers can be fun!”

But there are so many ways to make fun content out of wallpapers.

The thing is that you don’t even have to go that far.

It’s enough to sit down and determine topics that could be the framework for your topics.

Here’s an example:

  • even though you have wrote everything about your wallpaper next to the product, in the product description, that doesn’t mean that you cannot write about your product in detail on your blog
  • you probably have varieties of wallpapers so you can introduce to your buyers that you have those that can be applied easily, those that need to be used with a special glue, those that are exclusive, limited edition etc.
  • you can also write manuals on how to apply wallpapers to walls, you can write recommendation about tools that would be the best to use with your wallpapers and tons of other advice
  • you can offer inspiration – post photos that will be of high quality and that will show how will your wallpapers look in actual space. It will be much easier for your customers to imagine them on walls as oppose to demonstrating your patterns in small images on your online store
  • you can invite your customers to send photos of your wallpapers in their space. That can be amazing social proof that can determine hundreds of other readers to buy your product. And nothing can beat social proof!
  • show how your wallpapers can brighten different spaces – showcase how they can be used in offices, nurseries or living rooms. It is a perfect way to show the diversity of your products and make everyone stay on your store. Don’t lose customers, be versatile and show that you have the best product
  • give advice on different tools that will complement your wallpapers. Show your customers that they haven’t done anything if they buy high quality wallpapers from you and then use bad tools or do not place them properly on walls

You can also team up with a professional or influencer!

Make a guest post where you will invite interior design professional or a handy craftsmen that could write about their area of expertise, or even better, invite your readers to pose questions, sum them up and create a video where you ask those questions to a professional.

You will give them professional answer to their questions and solve their dilemmas.

That will show your customers that you have payed attention to what they had to say, and you will soon become their favourite go to person and go to store.

Not to mention that posting a video will definitely increase your rates and that means that it will lead more readers to your store.

Share share share!

The main goal is to simply use blog to attract people to your online store.

Your main goal is to sell, and don’t forget that. Great thing about blog is that you will have all of your content in one place.

Another great thing about blogs is that they go hand in hand with all of the social media.

And you need social media in order to increase your store’s visibility.

That means that you have to target your audience and you have to do it impeccably.

You will have no use of your blog, no matter how high quality content you’re producing, if no one is reading it.

You probably created Facebook page the minut you have started your online store.

You probably created it even before you created your online store (maybe you have even god forbid! used Facebook instead of online store).

Now it’s time to let everyone know how hard you have worked to create content for your online store. And that’s the best thing about a blog.

You can use Twitter, you can use Facebook, you can use Instagram and Pinterest too.

YouTube will be amazing tool for sharing since it’s packed with how to videos (and they’re so popular). Meaning – there’s plenty of room for you to share your content.

Engage community and let them leave comments, ask what is it that they would love to see next, go ahead and create it.

You have to listen to your audience at all times.

Maybe they wish to see you in action.

Maybe they want to see how you choose colours and pallets for your wallpapers, what kind of tools do you use to convert them into endless sheets of wallpapers that can brighten up every home. Opportunities are endless really.

Include your product

You have to make sure that your product is included in your blog.

It doesn’t have to be all over it, but make sure you present your product in action, include how to videos and show how it’s made.

It is the kind of content that inspires, that opens questions and engage readers.

Your goal is to increase sales on your store and that’s why your product and its characteristics have to be in the spotlight at all times.

Don’t hesitate to include links of your products.

Make it easy for your customers to find products that caught their attention and that brought them to your blog. Don’t be invasive though.

Be subtle, offer valuable information and you will not appear as an aggressive salesman.

Make sure you always present your product with amazing shots and never post low quality pictures.

Make it possible for customers to pin and share product pictures and create content that is relevant and boost your store visibility.

That will lead higher visibility, to better SEO and increase of sales.

Turn your readers to customers!

Of course, your goal always has to be – having customers on your online store.

That means that you have to show your expertise and convert your readers to your customers.

Try to create content that will help you insure your readers/customers trust, that will persuade them that you have skills and expertise and that you can be trusted.

You should strive to gather the community around your blog, people talking about it and sharing.

Make sure you continuously inform them about special offers on your online store, but you can also reward them with coupon codes or gift cards if it proves that they are valuable members of your new community. They will respect that and they will stay true to your products.

Make them engage and comment, that way you will ensure that:

  • buyers will realise that you respect their opinion and you wish to hear more from them
  • your buyers will feel familiar with you, and it will probably turn out that they have some really good ideas and inspiration to share.

After all they are the ones that need your product.

This whole engagement thing will undoubtably lead to increased sales and greater exposure of your online store.

Remember the competition from the beginning of this blog post?

Make them learn from you, make them realise that blogging can do so much for visibility of online store, that it can help make store visible on social media, and that in the end it will increase sales.

And no, you don’t need a whole team of experts to help you run your blog.

You can definitely do it on your own.

Even if you’re not a writer – write honestly what makes you create products that you are creating, what makes you do what you do.

Share advices but don’t always tell them all the secrets of the trade.

Make them always come back from more, make them look at the calendar anxiously waiting for your next post.

If you are a store owner, you have so many tools at your disposal.

You only have to be informed and willing. Don’t let your product go unnoticed when you have free platforms, blogs and all the tools in the world available to you.

Write and share. Sell and create. Write again.