5 Ways to Increase eCommerce Email Subscriptions


Growing your number of subscribers proved to be essential for your online store. Email marketing proved to be more than useful in terms of increasing conversion rates and it has a huge ROI. That is why in our latest blog post we bring five tips on how to increase your eCommerce email subscriptions!

Email marketing is that one channel that needed to survive the test of time.

Most of us can think of an amazing brand we love seeing in our inbox, but it is even easier to think of those that made us unsubscribe in seconds.

So why is email marketing still big?

Mail box

Let’s have a wider look at it. Looking at every online asset a business can have, social media falls under the ‘rented space’ (you have a social media profile, but you don’t own it and you have no control over the future of that network).

It’s a great way of getting people to the website, which is considered ‘owned space’, and where you ultimately want your audience to end up, reading and sharing your content and, in the ideal scenario, completing a purchase.

In case they don’t make a decision right away, you need to find a way to keep bringing them back and nurture their journey from their first visit until they become your customer.

This is where email marketing steps in.

When someone gives you their email address, it means they believe you will deliver value to their inbox, which is what makes your email list such a powerful tool.

However, hundreds and thousands of signups won’t happen without your effort.

Here are our top tips to grow your list!

Give something in return

This is by far the top reason why anyone would give you email address – they get something from it.

At first thought, this might seem like something that doesn’t fit your niche or your visitors wouldn’t be interested in, but think again.

Is there a problem you can solve for them? What is it in your field that people often struggle with?

Create a PDF file packed with actionable tips, come up with a clear and enticing headline for it, offer it in exchange for your visitor’s email address – and watch your email list grow!

Still think this is complicated?

Even the simplest deals, like 10% off the first purchase in exchange for signing up, work incredibly well.

Everyone loves discounts, so it’s a win-win situation!

Once they are in, tell them how often you’ll email them

Remember that great freebie you received for signing up for a newsletter, but you unsubscribed in a week because you received way too many emails?

Nobody wants to be smothered – our email inboxes are personal spaces in a way, so make sure you don’t abuse that opportunity.

Different businesses will have different email frequency, and that’s okay – but tell them what your plan is.

After they subscribe, make sure they receive a welcome email (this can simply be the offer they signed up for) that makes it clear on planned email frequency.

The best way to keep your subscribers happy in the long run is to ask them to adjust their preferences if they want to – they should have such option available in the bottom of every email they receive from you.

Newsletter pop-ups

Now that you have a system that will encourage your visitors to become your subscribers, you need to make it obvious to them.

Not everyone spends enough time on your website to notice a small subscription field you have somewhere in your sidebar – luckily, there are a few ways to get your visitor’s attention!

Besides the classic static opt-in form that should ideally be placed on each page of your website (or at least most of them), you can choose between various pop-up versions, such as

  • the welcome mat that covers the whole page
  • the classic pop-up in the middle of the screen
  • the pop-up slider in the corner or a bar at the top or the bottom of the screen

One thing to be very aware of is that if they are not optimized for all devices, these tools can make more damage to the user experience than benefit, as they can cover the whole smartphone screen without the option to close them.

One more thing to keep in mind is to try to trigger them according to the visitor’s behaviour on the website, e.g. after they spend a certain amount of time, visit some number of pages or make a movement that indicates they might leave the website.

Sign up form at the end of a blog post

Blogging for your business has so many benefits – and helping to grow your email list is definitely one of them.

Once you make sure your blog posts bring your visitors plenty of value, they will likely want to see and know more.

Use that momentum – place a sign up form at the bottom of the article, or halfway through it, promising more useful content delivered to their inbox.

You can also offer that freebie that you have prepared, bringing even more valuable content to your reader!

Promote your newsletter on social media

You most likely have social media followers who are familiar with your website, your products and all that you do, but aren’t your subscribers yet.

So why not remind them of the benefits you are bringing to your email list?

On Facebook, make sure you create a call-to-action (there is an option for it right beside the ‘Like’ button on your page) that leads to your sign up page.

Other than that, make sure you post a tweet or a Facebook update every couple of weeks reminding your followers of perks they will get by getting on your email list, and link these updates straight to the sign up landing page.

That’s it!

These steps are very simple and actionable – the one that might consume the most time is a PDF freebie, but you can kick off the whole process right away by offering a certain percentage off the next purchase.

Don’t forget it’s also very useful to test different versions of your offers (and the way they are presented) in order to see which one performs the best.

Implement these few actions now to start growing your list as soon as possible!