5 Ways to Find a Product Niche and Start Selling Online


Following your instincts is perfect, and it can mean loads of good decisions. But when it comes to your online business, you need concrete information and precise data in order to grow your business. Start by determining your product niche and go from there!

Do you remember what was the most unusual product you have seen lately?

Have you bought it?

It doesn’t necessarily has to be unusual, but it has to be something that caused I don’t know how i lived without it feeling.

Do you remember the most innovative or the most creative one?

And have you already become a faithful consumer?

Do you have something similar on your online store?

And if the answer is “no”, why?

Maybe you think that you will ensure success if you stick to selling products that everyone needs?

Maybe because you need to try harder and invest more time so you could find out what is it that your buyers need?

Are those the reasons that made you choose “everything” for your online store?

Selling “everything” cannot fail, right?


Not really.

It is probably the worst thing you can do.

If you wish to offer your products online, it is important to think everything through.

You have to define your target market, and you have to define niche for your product.

Of course, every beginning is hard.

Especially when you realise that there are tens of millions of online stores in the world.

However you cannot let statistics discourage you.

You have to remain motivated and convinced that the best moment to start selling your product online is now.

Good product will always find its way to buyers.

Choosing a niche for your product is crucial and that’s why we wish to help you.

We made this short list of things that we strongly suggest you do prior to launching your online store.

1. Do your research.

First things first.

Think, how much do you know about your target group?

Do you even have one, or you firmly believe that you will generate higher income if you sell product fit for everyone.

What helped you decide? Do you simply rely on the idea that everyone will like it?

This is where the notion of niche for your product appears.

Don’t you think it’s possible to start online store and ensure orders right after launch by doing your research?

Imagine, doing a keyword search and realising that Millennials should be your top priority.

Maybe seniors, or people well over 60. Teenagers perhaps.

Maybe you never thought that some of these age groups could be interested in your product.

Will the data you gathered make you dig a little deeper into their habits?

Will it make your rethink your product? It should.

Information you gathered can do so much for your business and that is why you should never skip this step.

Dedicate yourself to investigating everything about their needs and habits and adjust your product accordingly.

Maybe it will result in new ideas, new approach and overall prove to be beneficiary for your online store.

Always ask Google.

2. Change your customer’s life.

This one is pretty much crucial.

Solving a problem for your customer, even if it is a small one and you might think an insignificant one, will make customers loyal to your store and your brand.

We all get frustrated when we take our headphones out of our bags/purses/backpacks and find them all strangled and spend at least five minutes trying to disentangle them.

Be creative, think about things that could help you position your product in a way that your buyers can’t remember how did they live before they bought it?

If, on the other hand, you sell products that require to be installed, for example, make sure you don’t end contact with your buyers after you’ve sold the product.

Offer help and expertise.

Offer tutorials, ebook, video about how to install and maintain your product.

You will see – if your buyers realise that they can buy the same product and pay a little less for it, they will come back to you because you were the one that went an extra mile for them.

That is the right way to reach your customers and ensure your online store in their bookmark list. For good.

3. Explore who your competitors are.

You need to know who your competitors are at all times.

Maybe the best thing you can do once you have decided to create a product to sell online is to see what competition has to say about it.

Research what are the differences, what are similarities, do you have a chance, what are your strengths and what are your weaknesses?

Invest time and find great coworkers that will share your enthusiasm and work hard.

And if you believe your product has what it takes, and your online store has been created by a team of professionals, your competition will adapt to you, that’s for sure!

4. Use trends.

Use new trends and transform them into your niche.

Don’t think that adjusting to trends is necessarily a bad thing.

There is absolutely nothing wrong with your product adjusting to a certain actuality.

And, we can back that up with an example.

After certain celebrities wore flower headbands sometime last year, the entire world wanted to buy them.

It’s a great example how you can use a trending topic to ensure orders on your online store.

If you have the possibility to create something that’s trending, or maybe even make it better by giving a personal feel to it – go for it!

Even if you only have few products, don’t give up.

It’s important to show that your product has a value, so go ahead and show to the world how it’s done.

5. Target enthusiasts.

It is a well known fact that hobbyist always tend to explore best offers and invest into quality products.

Do some research and offer what was impossible for them to purchase before, what they could only look in pages of magazines and brochures.

Hobby is often a way of life for them, it is what determines their lifestyle so they will not think twice before they start typing in their credit card number on your online store.

To sum up..

You don’t have to be big in order to become successful in eCommerce.

You have to be creative, innovative, dedicated and professional.

You have to have the best product, surround yourself with influencers and trusted delivery partners.

Also, make sure that your online store was made by a team of professionals.

Be clear when defining your target group and think how can you create something that will solve the problem for your customers.

Research keywords, and your buyer’s habits, and their shopping cart will be full.