5 Ways to Create Winning Social Proof for Your Online Store


Power of the mass is extraordinary! It reaches its peaks in real life, but it is equally important for your online store. It is crucial to persuade customers that you they can trust you, and for that you need to create a compelling social proof. Here’s our top five ways to do it.

Over and over again, psychology and eCommerce intertwine.

Buyer’s behaviour is constantly on the radar, as online store owners are trying to get every detail right and increase sales.

Psychologists are always digging deep giving store owner’s new references, advices and insights into buyer’s behaviour.

The fact is, there is no taking time off from monitoring your buyer’s behaviour if you are running online store.

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We wrote earlier on how to create compelling About Us page and mentioned how hard it is to be in a position when you have to talk about your own achievements and rewards.

It is hard, but another thing is, when it comes to social proof, it is not enough.

So, make sure you save your achievements for your About Us page and when it comes to persuading your customers that you offer quality, turn to someone who indeed and truly was satisfied with your product or service.

Then – create a compelling social proof.

Social proof and real life

You have seen it who knows how many times.

It is everywhere and impossible to miss.

How many times have you found yourself in a position where you wanted to express how something you have created is amazing.

But, did you choose to say “You should have seen my cupcakes, I nailed them this time!”, or did you prefer turning to someone that already had a pleasure of tasting them, asking “Tell them how amazing those cupcake were!” asking for confirmation.

How many times have you approached to a stand/restaurant/pile of clothes in a store because you have seen loads of people standing there?

It is the only natural.

Avoiding restaurants that are completely empty even if they might have great service and affordable prices will never make us give up from standing in line in front of a crowded one.

Power of the mass is, and always will be something that can completely determine our behaviour in certain situations.

They are widely used by store owners in traditional stores.

They do it quite differently though – by emphasising what are their best selling products, but also by using urgency and by carefully placing signs in order to make buyers aware what are the items that are about to sold out.

In the world of eCommerce, same actions are needed.

The difference is – store owners in brick and mortar stores do not have the opportunity to show you what did their faithful customers say about their products.

No one is standing there constantly, smiling and saying how displayed products changed their life.

They do not have stars next to a product that customers can glance over and realise in a second whether they will get value for their money.

Quite convenient, if you own eCommerce business, right?

That is why we will go deep into your options.

1. Product reviews

Product review is the oldest one and it still sticks.

It was introduced by giants such as Amazon and Ebay in the very beginning of their eCommerce adventure and it is still used on almost every online store.

Product reviews do offer great value for the customer when buying online.

Of course, you can debate the fact that customers believe someone that is maybe half world away.

They believe someone even though they have vague or no idea about their cultural heritage, habits or standards.

The question that needs an answer is – who has set the bar for quality?

Who has set the standard? Obviously, consumers are the ones.

Reading loads of product reviews will give them a great insight and after reading dozens of them, they will get the idea of what to expect and will be able to separate the genuine ones from the exaggerated ones or ones that are simply wrong.

And it will help them bring the decision.

It will help you – to sell.

On the other hand, what this means for a store owner is that he has to invest continuous efforts into maintaining the product at the highest level possible.

And not only that, but to be honest and transparent when describing a product and sincere when presenting its functionalities/size/fabric etc.

product reviews amazonRuining product quality or not investing in online store will result in poor reviews, which will definitely lead to lost customers and low conversion rates.

Yes, product reviews are what is equally important for both parties involved.

No wonder almost 90% claimed that user reviews are something that they rely on when deciding to make a purchase.

Also, think, how many times have you seen that you have a small summary usually saying – 100 out of 110 customers rated this product with 4 stars.

It will save you time from reading all the reviews, and you will instantly know what to expect.

It’s perfect, so make sure product reviews are always included in your store.

2. Testimonials

If you are running an online store, your main focus should be convincing customers that they can trust you.

That’s why, if you decide to add testimonials of satisfied users to your site, make sure you add their picture.

It can be a review that stood out and you thought it will do good to your store.

If you happen to send your products to a influencer and receive amazing feedback, always ask for a permission to feature it as one of your testimonials.

Make sure you place them strategically on your landing page and make sure they stand out.

It will most certainly help your reputation and help create sense of security and trust.

Groupon Testimonial

3. Fame and influence

Having couple of sentences from someone with great reputation, can do wonders for your store.

You should definitely learn this from big brands that are constantly trying to catch the biggest stars to confirm that what they are selling is amazing.

If you are a small store owner, don’t aim that high.

It does not mean that one day you will not try to reach out towards your favourite singer or actress.

But, for now, stick to influencers. If they still haven’t had the chance to try your product, send them one and ask them to write a review.

Then feature it on your online store or blog.

celebrities wearing topshop clothes

4. Social media

Sharing how many people follows your social media profiles, or how many people have liked or shared specific item, can be amazing social proof for your store.

You can do so by connecting your accounts, but be careful.

If you still haven’t reached out completely to your audience, and if those number are low, it’s better not to show them.

Even if your customers realise that your store is new, it will often leave them indecisive and in the end, they will probably choose to abandon their shopping cart.

Our advice – wait for the numbers to become significant and than brag with popularity of your store over social media platforms.

TopShop social media icons

5. Use logo

Logo kao drustveni dokaz

We are constantly online and the amount of information and visuals that goes in front of our eyes daily is enormous.

However, it is more likely that images will stuck in our brain easier than numbers for example.

You have probably tested your knowledge about logos in one of those pop quizzes.

They are everywhere and we all know them maybe even too well.

If you are running online store that had some big and meaningful collaboration with some big brands can be amazing social proof for your store.

Of course, you can choose to feature CEO’s testimonial.

However, if you give a visual of your previous clients and choose to show them through their logos, your clients will understand everything.

They will be confident that you are great for them, no reason do doubt it anymore!

Of course, you don’t have to use each and every one of these advices on your online store, although that wouldn’t be nothing uncommon.

Choose carefully, and always test.

Maybe your target audience is all about influencers and celebrities and they show you that’s the right way to do it.

Maybe, user reviews are what will help persuade your customers that you can be trusted.

That you will deliver high quality products, offer safe checkout and that you will not misuse their trust.