5 Tricks To Collect User Reviews for Your Ecommerce Website in a Matter of Days


If you are just starting your online business, it might be hard to make your customers leave a feedback. And feedback is what you really need for your store. That’s why we wrote couple tips on how to acquire reviews from your buyers easily. Read more below!

Feedback and product reviews, are something truly valuable for your store, especially in the beginning your eCommerce venture.

You need those user reviews, and you need them now.

According to Econsultancy, 61% of customers read online reviews before making a purchase decision, and they are now essential for e-commerce sites. 

But where do you begin?

It sounds a bit like a quest for your very first job.

Who can believe you that you have great set of skills (read product), if there is no one to confirm that?

So you wander around trying to figure out ways to convince the rest of the world that what you are offering is valuable.

Similar thing happens with products on your online store.

You need to be out there, and that is why we compiled a list of tips that might help you get those first couple of reviews for your online store and install faith in your products for those first couple hundred buyers.

Public square

1. Offer free samples

Don’t be afraid to step to the offline world.

There is not one valid reason why you shouldn’t hit the streets, but be careful – pick your neighbourhood wisely!

If you are selling hand made briefcases, hit the business district.

Selling cooking and kitchen gadgets? Hit the food street!

Target your customers and offer free samples of your product or, if that is not possible, take your tablet with you and show off your product.

Then, ask them nicely to recommend, or at least to say what they really think about your product.

Write it down, take a photo to create even more compelling social proof and publish it later either on your blog or on your online store.

Also, don’t be pushy or aggressive.

People can be overwhelmed by the number of people offering free samples while they are casually strolling, so make sure you do not disturb.

Instead, choose your targets wisely and approach them with respect, smile and good intentions.

2. Make sure you have a small handout

You should definitely stop marketing like it is 2005.

Leaflets and boring flyers that were handed while you are walking, strolling or rushing, made everyone insane.

It could easily happen that after only 200 meter walk in through crowded, main streets, you end up with a whole book of usually poorly designed leaflets that you would simply toss into the first bin you run into.

That is why, you should completely avoid this tactic.

Still, since you are selling online, and you went offline with this endeavor, make sure you have something for those that were completely blown away by your product.

Remember, no matter how catchy your name is, or how well they already know your brand, they might forget what they wanted to check out by the time they come home.

That is why you should definitely prepare a small handout, but hand it only to those who ask.

Also, make sure you give them something that they would want to save.

Make sure you create a card with a compelling design.

And now, when we have almighty Canva, that is no longer a job for 2 designers, you can do it all on your own.

Create a coupon code that they will really want to save, and make a double use out of it!

What are you waiting for, hit the streets!

3. Reach out to an influencer/blogger

Send out free samples and ask for a review or even a feature in their blog.

Offer coupon codes to their readers, they will love it! Or – organize a giveaway!

Have in mind that bloggers are often overwhelmed with the amount of products arriving for a review.

That is why it’s a great idea to make sure you wrap it up so that it stands out, and ask for a review only if they would honestly recommend it to their readers.

Then, feature it on your store.

You can present it in a form of a testimonial or simply brag about who is using your product.

It will definitely help your potential customers make a purchasing decision.

4. Promise something in return

Why, who doesn’t like presents?

Promise you will give something in return for completing a survey.

Always wrap it up with saying thank you and emphasizing how much it means for your business.

Keep it simple, honest and personal, your customers will feel great for helping, they will get to use your product and eventually, probably end up recommending it!

Remember – word of mouth marketing can do wonders!

5. Ask them to complete a survey

Make sure you let them know how long it will take and make it as short as possible.

Always stick to it, if you said 2 minutes, keep it short!

You can always mention in the beginning of the survey how long it usually takes to fulfill one.

It will definitely help people decide to help you!

Make sure you pose questions in a manner that will provide the best feedback possible.

Think of a strategy that will help you the most useful reviews out of small number of concise questions.

Now – use your feedback!

Now that you have it, don’t leave it out there!

You have to use it wisely, otherwise everything you have done was in vain.

Use your feedback to generate new ideas.

Share it with your team and discuss your feedback – someone will maybe have a different perspective.

Brainstorm and use it to upgrade your product/services.

Also, make sure you notice whether a feedback, no matter if good or bad, is repetitive.

That should be the signal for you that you have to change something and make sure you don’t ignore this type of suggestions.

You have probably targeted your customers well.

But during your time spent among different crowd, there will definitely be different age groups, background and education differences.

Everyone will start from a different point of view, so make sure you acknowledge that when thinking what to do with your feedback.

Of course, when evaluating your reviews, have in mind that it is important to define what works best.

It doesn’t mean that you have to give up using certain methods, but make sure you realize what we are the ones that where most valuable ones.

After a while, experience will tell you what is the most adequate way, but with the growth of your online store, you probably won’t need these tips – if customers are satisfied with the quality of your product, with the way delivery was handled and how fast you solved problems that they might have had, they will be more than happy to leave a review without you being there to remind them constantly to do so.