4 Tips to Create Valuable Product Copy for Your eCommerce Site


Ok, so you have armed yourself with great products, you invested your knowledge, time, energy and finances into creating what seems to be a perfect online store. But before you start managing orders, before you start spending days and nights looking at your conversion rates and actually selling, you have to ensure your buyers will know right away how amazing your products are. Introducing – product copy!

It is no longer enough simply to write product name or basic specification of your product.

Think about offline stores for a minute.

Don’t you appreciate when relevant information about product is displayed and you don’t have to ask or wander around the store trying to find answer?

Whole wheat cinnamon raisin bread” says a whole lot more than “fresh bread” right?

And more importantly, it is less likely you will give up.

You see, your online store has to be more than products and shopping carts.

If you really wish for your customers to perceive your product as something that will give them some kind of feeling that they are different or make them feel happy while browsing through your store –  you have to rule your product copy!

Showder? Amazing!

Lush sure does this brilliantly.

Not only that they have a video on their product page, but they have catchy product names, descriptive and inviting product copy, product rating that is easily spotted and professionally executed photography that shows that even powder can be photographed.

Lush product page

On the other hand, Forever 21 sticked to describing their product. Literally.

Creativity? Absent! Twist? Non existing. Inviting? Not likely. Memorable? Not at all.

Forever 21 product description

Write product copy that sells

Writing product details and only product details is simply wrong.

Think about it – you have so many possibilities and you have chosen – “woven A line skirt with black zipper.”

Your main interest and goal should be – writing a product copy that sells!

If you can achieve that goal together with being fun – that’s perfect.

On the other hand if you simply stick to describing your product, you will achieve absolutely nothing in terms of uniqueness and you will miss out on creating personal bond with your customers.

Who are you doing it for?

Naturally, you have to define your target market and adjust product copy accordingly.

Define who are you doing it for, what is it that will wow them, where and why would anyone use this product, why it could become essential and why does it makes a difference?

Think – who is your ideal customer, your ideal buyer persona?

Then, try to tailor your copy specially for them.

They will recognize it and appreciate it more than you can imagine.

Be unique

Being unique with not only reaffirm your connection with buyers, but it will also stick in minds of those that arrived to your online store for the first time.

It doesn’t necessarily mean that you have to make them laugh.

Be smart, sharp and always think of SEO.

Writing unique product description will differentiate you from others and rank you higher within search results.

Offer unique and relevant key words for indexing and you will be amazed with results!

Make sure it is readable

You should always stick to this rule.

However, with product copy, it is even more relevant.

Going on and on about zippers and materials will bore your customers and they will eventually give up.

Use bullets, rhymes, whatever close to you that will make your readers want more.

Make your content easily scannable and remember – users are simply flying over content and it only takes a second to form an opinion based on first impression.

That’s why it’s great to make sure that they can find out all about product in a matter of seconds, have a good laugh or be intrigued to find out more.

In the end..

You should know that copywriting is essential part of your online store, and product copy is often part that store owners neglect.

Paying attention to every detail will ensure devotion and create relationships with your customers.

And as such it is more than important to try a little harder.

Choose your tone wisely and remember – not every word of advice can be applicable everywhere.

Discover who are your buyers, explore their habits, incorporate humour and always inspire.