3 Things Your eCommerce Site Must Communicate


The world is changing—and with it, the way we do business. One of the biggest investments you can make in your business is an eCommerce site. By selling directly to your customers, you will see your biggest return on investment.

But how do you set up a site? What should it be like? What sort of things should it communicate?

We sat down with Sasha Plavsic from Ilia Beauty, and she was kind enough to give us her top 3 things that your eCommerce site must have in order to communicate your core values to your customers.

1) Transparency

Ever since 2008, due to the dishonesty of the banks and the housing market, there has grown a gradual and subtle distrust of business as a whole. Customers want to know when they purchase a product that they’re going to get what they’re paying for.

Since an eCommerce store doesn’t allow your customer to touch and feel your product, but only to view it on a screen, you want to give them as much information as possible about what you’re selling them.

Where is the product made? How is it made? Who is making it? Is it ethically sourced? What’s in it? These are all questions the customer is going to ask. The more open you can be about them, the better.

By being open and honest about the products you’re selling, you are going to naturally build trust with your customers.

2) Educate the Customer

3 Things Your eCommerce Site Must Communicate 1

Again, particularly with cosmetics, a customer usually wants to see the product, maybe test the product, and speak to a salesperson about the product. With an eCommerce site, this becomes much more difficult.

This is where video comes in.

Video is huge for eCommerce. With the way marketing and PR is changing, and with folks turning to sites like Instagram and YouTube for product reviews and tutorials, videos that show how the product is used are going to ensure that you keep a lot more customers. With Ilia, their particular focus is on organic and natural cosmetics and how these work differently than traditional cosmetics. They sometimes need to dry longer, colors need to be applied differently to get the desired shade, and the application isn’t quite the same. Videos demonstrating these differences are easy to make, and they go a long way in making sure that your customer feels like they know what they’re getting (again, establishing trust.)

Since the average woman uses around 25 pieces of cosmetics a day, videos detailing the different chemicals contained in various cosmetics, and their potential interactions, could also empower the customer to be doing what’s best for their skin, not just what looks the best.

Check out this awesome how-to video that Ilia made to see what we’re talking about.

3) Accessibility

The accessibility of your product is vital. Put differently, your product needs to look good on the page.

Think about it. Nine times out of ten, you’re initially attracted to a product because of the way it looks. Something catches your eye. Maybe the color is really bright. Maybe the product photography is appealing. Whatever it is, if your product is advertised in an attractive way, you’re far more likely to grab the customer’s attention.

3 Things Your E-Commerce Site Must Have 2

Whatever you’re showing has to have some sort of impact. You have less than one second to grab your customer’s attention before they’ve moved on to a different page, and with so much competition in the eCommerce space, this is all the more important. If you understand what your customer is looking for, they’re more likely to click in and purchase from you, and then come back and purchase again.

No matter how long you’ve been in the eCommerce space, it’s a good idea to go through your site and make sure that you’re hitting all the goals listed above. Be transparent. Educate the customer, and make your product accessible. You’ll keep them coming back again and again.

You can find Ilia Beauty online at Iliabeauty.com, or on Instagram at @iliabeauty.

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