10 Common Behaviour Mistakes That Can Ruin Your eCommerce Business and Tools To Fight It


In our continuous effort to educate and support small store owners, we share advice on tools and solutions that can help in day-to-day managing operations. Tools that can help you do things faster, and be more productive. Today, we want to nudge you and tell you what needs to change in your behaviour in order to become successful in eCommerce.

If you are a complete novice when it comes to running online store, you might be prone to thinking that all you have to do is – create a great product, post it online and wait for income.

After all, you are not a marketing guru, eCommerce expert, developer, or a professional business strategist.

Modelling clay

If you read previous sentence and recognized yourself, there are two possible roads you could take.

One is that you recognize, admit and conclude that you are not an eCommerce expert and that you have no idea what marketing strategies are all about, which is usually followed by dark thoughts of giving up.

Or even worse…

Sticking to your old ways and not thinking of it as of list of skills you need to develop in future.

Great thing about all the skills we listed above, is the fact that, with so many blog posts, tutorials, tools, expert advice and tactics shared, the only resource you need is – strong will to learn.

One by one.

But before we dive into the list of all resources out there that could help you run your online store as a professional, here is a different kind of list.

List of all the things you have to stop doing right now if you are a small store owner.

1. You are a creative soul, not a seller.

You believe that the only important thing is your product. You are crafty, artsy, you don’t care about numbers and charts. For you – thinking of pies means it is time to hit Pinterest for great recipes, not charts and analysis.

After all, you are often repulsed with everything from intrusive car sellers to pop ups trying to obtain your email address. It’s spammy, right?

No, it is not.

Maybe you have forgotten along the way, but you are running a business. And running business from home, your favourite chair or coffee shop still doesn’t change the fact that – it is business.

So you better focus on the business side of things right away. After all, your product becomes irrelevant no matter how good or groundbreaking – if no one gets to find it.

So, if you think that a great product is enough for you to be successful, think again. And learn to think in a way successful sellers are thinking.

How to change it?

Being creative can only be an upgrade to your sales skills.

Why did you ever think that selling is lacking creativity? We believe that guys over at Kissmetrics are rather creative when finding tips and tools trying to teach you how to sell.

Also, we know how much creating Infographics, for example, can help you drive traffic and sales, and it hardly gets more creative than that!

Using Canva to create Infographics

Use them and learn something new, try it out, test it, change if needed and repeat!

2. You are missing a logo.

Building your brand from scratch is challenging, especially if you are a small store owner. But, if you choose to come up with a logo sometime in the future, when everything else is over, you might made a mistake.

Using logo generator to create company logo

Visuals, and especially impressionable ones (as your logo should be) will give the impression that you are a serious brand, and make it easier for your customers to remember you.

Later on, it will become the focal point of your entire brand. But – you do not have any design oriented skills? Not to worry.

How to change it?

You have two options – hire a freelance designer. Or – learn to create one on your own.

Spending large sums is something you probably cannot afford in the beginning, so we suggest you go with the resources you have at the moment.

After all, changing it and rebranding in future is not considered bad at all. Until then, use Hipster Logo Generator or Tailor Brands to create your logo!

And – it is another creative component of running an online store! Great huh!?

3. You are not interested in marketing.

It’s true, you signed up for a creative undertake not charts and numbers.

But, if you cannot embrace the fact that you are everything to your store, you might want to change your perception.

If you are just starting, or thinking of starting your online store, you need to know that you are the one that will be in charge of everything, and marketing activities will most certainly be part of your everyday life.

That does not mean that you have to like it. But it does mean you need to be good at it.

Acquiring new skills has to be part of every enterpreneur’s journey. Some you will like, some you will hate. But doing your best at all times is what will ensure success for your online business.

And, another wise quote coming from Henry Ford – “A man who stops advertising to save money is like a man who stops a clock to save time”.

How to change it?

Be openminded. Marketing is all about being creative, and you will soon discover that executing marketing activities for your online store is not only great in terms of sales – it is so much fun!

Starting marketing campaigns means drawing, writing and creating. Yes, it also means measuring results and tweaking details constantly, but you will be thrilled and motivated by great results.

Neil Patel’s blog is great – so much useful material, topped with videos, graphics and illustrations. We are positive it will help you brainstorm your next marketing move!

Neil Patel's blog

4. You procrastinate.

If you decided to run your own online store, discipline is word of the day for you.

You need to stop procrastinating and realize that no one is going to do all the hard work for you.

No one can give you a sane advice on how to achieve it. You are the one that knows best what are main obstacles to your productivity. That is why you need to be the one trying hard to remove them shifting the focus completely to your online store.

How to change it?

If you already tried everything and you are by now convinced that nothing can help you, we still might have a solution.

Freedom is an app that will save you from visiting websites and engage in distracting activities. It will block everything for you, reminding you over and over again that you have other things to focus on.  And – their basic plan is completely free!


5. You work around the clock.

If you think of yourself as of somebody who belongs in a different end of a spectrum, and you are proud of that – think again.

Sure, being productive, hard working and motivated is the best thing ever!

But, you should be careful – if you constantly work around the clock and do not know the meaning of holidays, quality time spent with your family or simply days off – you are in for a trouble.

You shouldn’t let yourself burn out – after all, your store is a one man show, so don’t let your huge wish to keep everything smooth be what completely destroys your business.

Make a schedule, try and automate everyday processes such as post publishing and social media posts, and give yourself some time off.

How to change it?

You need to sort your tasks and keep them organized at all times. We recommend registering to LeCollab and start applying wisdom of Toyota to increase productivity, as they have shared it to the world.

With LeCollab you can easily add tasks, mark them as in process or done so that every team member involved has a clear idea of progress and overview of all tasks.

You can use notes to keep your data accessible, time tracking, as well as advanced search. You can also organize tasks by putting them into groups (buckets) to adapt them to your work process and split by employee roles.

We strongly recommend it.


6. You give up easily.

Being an entrepreneur is a rollercoaster. You are the only one that gets praised when everything is going well, and you are the one to face the consequences when things start falling apart.

So, if you are easily discouraged, maybe it is time to rethink running eCommerce business, or partner up with someone that will keep you focused and brave.

You need to create impeccable business plan and stick to it. In the beggining, you will use it for internal purposes only – meaning you don’t have to spend forever polishing every little detail and spending too much time on it.

But you never know, maybe you will also need it for other purposes if you decide to look for investors in future.

When creating business plan, the most important thing you can do is:

  • start with an extended elevator pitch
  • continue with defining your target customer
  • define your day to day schedule and what will your most important tasks be
  • define marketing and sales channels you will be using, and…
  • wrap it up with a forecast for the next five years

How to change it?

Reading success stories and getting a positive feedback from your buyers will make you work harder and lose the idea of giving up completely.

Also, you can always head over to Autopsy, learn from other people’s experiences and ensure you are not making same mistakes.

And when it comes to creating business plan, we suggest you try LivePlan!

Business plan software

And always have in mind Franklin’s words – “If you fail to plan, you are planning to fail.”

7. You are hasty.

You did your best and explored all tactics that could help you increase your brand’s visibility.

You hosted a giveaway on your Instagram profile and it proved to be a huge success.

New followers, new website visitors, everything is going great. So you decide to host a contest next week.

And a promotion.

And kick off a sale.

You will probably end up being very busy trying to answer all the questions and do everything right, that you will neglect something else that needs to be done and it involves your product.

In chase for shares, likes and sign ups.

Hosting contests and giveaways can be a great thing for your online store (and usually is). But don’t let your customers get fed up with you, and don’t let your product neglected.

You can appear spammy to your customers, and giveaway after giveaway might seem suspicious to your customers and they can leave you for good.

It can be overwhelming for your customers, and they will loose the need to come over and see what’s new in your store.

How to change it?

The most important thing is to define with extreme precision WHY are you doing something?

Deciding on your KPI (Key Performance Indicator) will guide and direct your actions. That means that if you decide to focus and measure marketing key performance indicators – you would want to measure:

We suggest you try Klipfolio – simply build a dashboard and follow progress.

Once you have the numbers, start fresh.

Being hasty and rushing without knowing where you are headed will always be counterproductive.

Slow down, take one action at time, make your customer curious and always be precise when measuring outcome.

8. You want it all.

You want unboxing to be special, you want same day delivery, you want personalised notes, you want to host a contest, you want to upgrade your product, you want to publish a blog, you want to add a new banner.

You have to stop it at some point.

It is clear that you want the best for your store. It is clear that you have researched the best practices, and advice for small owners, and you want to implement it.

And that is great. But, you will soon discover that it is a bit too much and you cannot do it on your own.

So, unless you have an extra pair of hands willing to help you out – you have to organize better than well.

This is the point where you have to become extremely realistic. Will you make it to the post office? Will you have the time to write hundreds of notes when the orders are piling up?

What if you get stuck with banners and you have to spend time finding and understanding tutorials?

How to change it?

Don’t exaggerate in putting all that weight on your shoulders. Instead, be realistic and automate as much as you can.

It is always better to have two things on your list, and both checked, than fifty great ideas that will not be executed.

We suggest you try Endicia and forget about going to post office. According to their About Us page, Endicia can help you with:

  • Integration with existing systems
  • Skip trips to the Post Office™
  • No need for special hardware, printers, or scales
  • Easy to install and use

9. You are neglecting your product photography.

Your store can survive without a landing page. It cannot survive without a product. Meaning – if you are facing deadlines, it is clear what will prevail.

Without your product, executed impeccably, everything else is meaningless, so pin it on top of every to-do list you ever come up with, and make everything about your product your number one priority.

How to change it?

Gaining new skills is crucial for two reasons – it will offer creative distraction and help your product.

Are customers giving up right before checkout because off poor images?

Make it a challenge and spend some time polishing your skills and updating your product photography! Read Pixelz blog and be woowed with all the hacks they are showing!

You do not need professional equipment, nor a studio. And you will have no excuses either.

Pixelz blog photography

10. You are not giving up on social media that give no results.

When running online store, data is all you need. And if data shows that a certain social media channel is useless for your online store, you should forget about it during working hours.

Using your store as a pretext to spend time browsing Twitter without any results in return, will make you a bad marketer, procrastinator and unproductive.

Instead, focus on what really matters, like – building your email marketing strategy and growing your subscribers list.

How to change it?

You can find so many great tutorials online, so sign out from social media that are obviously not relevant for your business and redirect your resources into building and creating something truly valuable for your business.


If you thought, at any point of the process that you can handle being a store owner and not become involved in numbers, charts, graphics, and eventually hiring, you are probably not prepared for this ride.

That doesn’t mean you should give up by no means, it only means that you need to try harder to discover ways to manage your daily tasks in a way that will be stress free, automated and pain free.